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8 Things I Tell Women Who Want To Have A Home Birth

In a home birth, the infection rate for both mother and baby is less than half that of hospital births and unnecessary medical interventions are...

Evelyn Ojeda-Fox
April 23 2014

How To Enjoy Yoga When You're A New Mom

After giving birth to your beautiful baby, it's very easy to get caught up in the beauty, wonder and business of raising a human, especially in the...

Kari Edwards
March 31 2014

How To Get Back Into Yoga After Having A Baby

I searched in vain for articles that would help me build back up to my yoga practice after having a baby. I couldn't find anything that was helpful....

Eliza Whiteman
January 31 2014

Get That Mama Glow! How To Feel Blissful Before, During & After Pregnancy

Latham Thomas, founder of Mama Glow, is a teacher, an inspirational speaker, a mama, a friend, and a badass woman. I've admired Latham for years and...

Elena Brower
January 14 2014

Who Says You Can't Practice Yoga Pregnant?! (Amazing Slideshow)

The subject of this shoot, Amy Pastore, wrote the following about her participation in this project:

Robert Sturman
December 6 2013

8 Things I've Learned About Yoga Since Having A Baby

Almost a year ago to the day, I wrote an article about what it was like to practice yoga soon after having a baby. Now, one year into motherhood, not...

Liz Vartanian
November 25 2013

A Pre-Natal Yoga Sequence You Can Do At Home Every Day

While I was pregnant nothing felt better than getting some exercise and moving my body. For the majority of my pregnancy I was able to keep up with my...

Sara Jane Mercer
November 18 2013

​5 Fun Ways To Exercise When You're Pregnant

The more I work with pregnant women, the more I'm in awe of their strength, grace and determination to stay fit during their pregnancy for their own...

Roma van der Walt
September 24 2013

Why Yoga Is A Must During Pregnancy

It's no accident that prenatal yoga is gaining momentum. There are endless benefits expecting mothers receive from rolling out the mat. As a prenatal...

Sarah Walsh
July 16 2013

13 Yoga Modifications For Pregnant Women

Prenatal yoga is an excellent way to prepare for pregnancy and birth by helping to deal with fatigue, stress, aches and pains. Practicing yoga during...

Stacy Joyce
May 23 2013

How I Maintained My Yoga Practice And Sanity During A Difficult Pregnancy

Real-life pregnancy can come as a bit of a shock, even if the pregnancy has been planned. I know, having wanted a baby for years and having worked...

Cheryl MacDonald
March 1 2013

Yoga & Meditation For Fertility: Video With Tara Stiles and Me :)

Tara Stiles shares the incredibly inspiring story of one of her students who, through yoga, overcame serious health and fertility issues to give birth...

Jason Wachob
January 14 2013

Rediscovering Yoga After Having a Baby

There's so much emphasis on the changes our bodies undergo during pregnancy: growing a life, expanding to hold that body, and dealing with a surge of...

Liz Vartanian
November 30 2012

Gisele Bundchen on Prenatal Yoga: "Moving Meditation Feels So Good"

Many women credit yoga for keeping themselves healthy (and sane) while pregnant.

November 24 2012

Mama Glow: An Amazing Resource for Health Conscious Moms-to-Be

When I first heard Latham Thomas talk about her pregnancy and the birth of her son, she described it as a blissful, empowering experience.

Colleen Wachob
November 9 2012

8 Ways to Prepare Your Body for Pregnancy

Are you thinking about growing your family? By making meaningful changes in the 6 to 12 months before you conceive, you can ensure that you are...

Alejandra Carrasco, M.D.
October 25 2012

Post-Baby Body: 6 Steps to Becoming a Yummy Mummy

As a natural fertility specialist, I’m so used to sharing HOW to get the baby, I’ve never shared how to get your body ticking like a dream Post Baby....

Natalie Kringoudis
October 1 2012

Healthy Mama, Healthy Baby: 6 Ways to Stay Strong & Sane During Pregnancy

Pregnancy marks the beginning of parenthood. We often think that we only become a parent after the birth, but it really starts at conception. Once we...

McLean McGown
September 24 2012

7 Reasons to Practice Yoga with Children

Anyone who read my article, 10 Reasons Why We Need at Least 8 Hugs a Day, knows I have a little girl. I am a devoted Dad, and I have a close...

Marcus Julian Felicetti
September 22 2012

6 Ways Yoga Can Boost Fertility

After trying to get pregnant for over a year, my husband and I were given the kind of devastating news no couple who is trying to start a family wants...

Lisa Pineda
August 22 2012