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Tips for Balanced Travel

One of the perks of my passion is that I get to travel the world sharing the inspirational message of yoga with many different cultures. One of the...

Kino MacGregor
July 8 2011

Yoga Teacher Training: The Perfect Counter to Corporate

Armed with a laptop, two BlackBerrys and a cell phone and having succumbed to the 24/7 workday for which Hong Kong is well known among executives, I...

Elizabeth Rowan
June 27 2011

Healthy Foods to Fuel an Awesome Yoga Practice

Besides your state of mind, the number one thing that can affect your yoga practice is inner inflammation. Our bodies send out many signals when it is...

Stacy Silvera
June 17 2011

Practicing Meditation Pregnant: Connecting Soul to Soul

Pregnancy is a wild ride! There is new life growing inside of you. Your hormones are raging. Your body is changing daily. It is a time of wonder and...

Lisa Dawn Angerame
June 6 2011

6 Tips to Deconstruct Winter & Reconstruct a Slammin' Summer

Shorts and tanks billowing in a warm breeze. Work commutes without a jacket and evening outfits without a sweater. Long outdoor brunches and perfect...

Lauren Imparato
June 1 2011

How I Found Yoga

The old saying, "What you need comes to you when you need it..." clearly sums up my coming to yoga and having it become a mainstay in my life. From...

Michelle Barge
April 22 2011

Q & A with Nikki Vilella of Kula Yoga

When Nikki Vilella stumbled into Tribeca's Kula Yoga back in 2002 (her first class at an actual yoga studio), little did she know that her first hip...

Jason Wachob
March 29 2011

Q & A with Schuyler Grant of Kula Yoga & Wanderlust

Schuyler Grant is the co-creator of the Wanderlust Festival, director of NYC's Kula Yoga Project, and the mom to three young girls. Besides balancing...

Jason Wachob
January 26 2011

DVD Review: Whale Yoga for Kids

Wondering how to teach yoga to your kids at home? A good way to start is by DVD. I recently checked out Jodi Komitor’s (of Next Generation Yoga) Whale...

Sarah Herrington
January 7 2011

Boomer Yoga: Every Moment Is a Choice

Look at the forest. We walk through it every day and believe it to be the same forest. But not a single leaf is the same as yesterday. Every particle...

Beryl Bender Birch
January 6 2011

Yoga Breathing 101: What Is Pranayama?

Pranayama is a yoga term meaning "control of the breath."

August 30 2009