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3 Breaths for the 3-Year-Old in Each of Us

Learning how to mindfully breathe was tough for me as an adult. My mind tugged on the rest of me to knock-this-off and return to old habits of...

Elizabeth Reese
April 24 2012

Yoga: The Natural Aphrodisiac

Yogis and yoginis tend to be some of the most tuned in and turned on people around. Yoga stimulates a connection to one's body and when we are fully...

Sarah Stevenson
April 21 2012

4 Themes to Build Into Your Yoga Class

While many yoga teachers stick to a fairly regular sequence from class to class, there are always opportunities to build in a focus on a central...

Karen Fabian
April 16 2012

Facing Fear in the Face

Have you ever been so sick with fear you thought you were truly and genuinely going to vomit? I have! And I will never forget the day - April 15,...

Lauren Imparato
April 13 2012

5 Fab Benefits of Prenatal Yoga

We've all seen photos of Miranda Kerr, Jessica Alba, and January Jones toting a yoga mat, bringing increasing awareness and cool factor to the...

Elizabeth Rowan
March 22 2012

The 4-Hour Orgasm

Knowing that sex is a major energy source, I love to have a lot of it.

Kim Anami
March 16 2012

The Power of Deep Breathing

Paying attention to your breathing is one of the fastest ways to become calm, centered, and energized. Have you noticed that when you feel anxious,...

Jayme Barrett
March 15 2012

How Yoga Can Make You a Better Athlete

Nearly 20 million Americans practice yoga for almost as many reasons, but primarily most hope to improve health, become stronger, and feel happier....

Rita Trieger
March 14 2012

5 Ways to Practice Yoga Off the Mat

So many yogis (myself included), spend countless hours crunched behind a desk, just waiting to roll out a yoga mat and findone precious hour relief...

Bridget Riepl
February 28 2012

Breathe to Beat Yoga Boredom

Boredom. It's a terrible enemy of disciplined daily yoga practice. It's especially pernicious if you practice in a style where you are required to...

Nadine Fawell
February 10 2012

5 Tips for Yogis Recovering From Injury

For some yoga practitioners, dedication to a daily physical practice can be likened to an athlete in training, pushing the limits of the body on...

Joanna Kay
February 7 2012

I Will Not Apologize for Not Practicing Lion's Breath!

The other day I was out for a casual stroll with a friend, while simultaneously munching the equivalent of my weight in gummy bears. And I actually...

Shari Hochberg
January 18 2012

7 Tips to Energize Your Yoga Practice & Your Life!

Feeling like you're in need of a kick-start for 2012? Here are seven tips to energize your yoga practice and your life!

Jenni Juokslahti
December 27 2011

Airport Asana: Sun Salutations in Terminal C

I recently flew from San Francisco to Indianapolis by way of Denver to be home for the holidays. Long story short, I found myself stuck in the Denver...

Jennifer Jarrett
December 19 2011

And I Thought That Thinking Was Good... Er, Huh?

"Stop talking, stop thinking, and there is nothing you will not understand"- Seng-Ts’an

Jeri Senor
December 12 2011

How Yogis Can Beat Holiday Stress

Are you feeling it yet? The down slope into holiday madness strikes, generally, the day after Thanksgiving and we get to be the recipient of a most...

Sonya Klepper
December 7 2011

3 Tips to Find the Powerful Elixir of Good Health

You take a breath in. Then, your mouth opens and, an audible "sigh" explodes from the very core of your being. "Ah... refreshing". Refreshing indeed....

Jeri Senor
December 7 2011

I Love You, Don't Change

I recently attended a lecture in NYC given by Gabrielle Roth, a philosopher and movement meditation instructor, entitled Confessions of a Spiritual...

Linden Schaffer
November 30 2011

Veterans Use Meditation to Reconnect

30-year-old, Rich Low served in Iraq for two years, and subsequently suffered from nightmares and anxiety. He thought this was 'just something...

November 28 2011

How to Meditate for Just a Few Minutes a Day

Every day someone tells me how great they feel when they practice yoga. They feel whole and complete and relaxed and alert -- all at the same time....

Jeff Cannon
November 17 2011