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The Case For One-Sided Exercise

Most bodies have tightness or pain on one side due to past injury, trauma, surgery or repetitive, poor posture.

Laura Di Franco, MPT
May 18 2015

Bored Of Your Workout? 5 Reasons To Give Pilates Another Shot

As a young athlete, I'd been taught to constantly push my body during practice. Fatigue and pain were signs of failure and not that my body might be...

5 Tips To Get Posture You're Proud Of

About 12 years ago, back when you had to wait to develop film before you see your pictures, I was anxiously awaiting some photos of a girls' weekend...

Annalicia Lynn
April 24 2015

Improve Your Balance With This Back-Strengthening Sequence

Computers have offered us exponential freedom in how we work, how we communicate and how we create, but they’ve wreaked havoc on our bodies. We sit...

Lara Hudson
April 23 2015

What Your Posture Says About Your Personality

We like to blame our posture on the heavy bags we carry or the long hours spent at a desk every day — both of which can be true, but did you know your...

Sarah Warren St. Pierre
April 19 2015

7 Reasons Sitting Is Just As Deadly As Sugar

If orange is the new black, then sitting is the new sugar. Like sugar, sitting can introduce a whole host of health conditions into our bodies that...

Angela Atkins
March 11 2015

Why You're Experiencing Shoulder Pain + How To Heal It

In order for your shoulder to function optimally, you need good thoracic (upper back) mobility. Too many people have poor upper thoracic mobility —...

Mary Whaling
March 3 2015

The Best Exercise For Better Posture (Video)

Maintaining a strong, solid upright position is crucial to our overall wellness, but working the muscles that lead to good posture (the postural...

Steve Sudell
February 26 2015

How To Reduce The Negative Effects Of Sitting

When you spend too much time sitting down, you inadvertently shorten you hip flexors and compress your lower back, which in turn affect your posture,...

Nicola Reilly
February 24 2015

7 Steps To Walk With Perfect Posture

Every one of us is guilty of occasionally plodding and shuffling along as we move as if we've suddenly aged thirty years. But why not walk with the...

Dawn Robinson
January 26 2015

5 Ways To Beat Your Desk Sentence

Most of us are aware of the negative effects of sitting. We know that being sedentary isn't good for our health and that sitting too much can set us...

Nikki Naab-Levy, LMP
January 19 2015

A Time-Tested Practice To Improve Your Posture & Mental Clarity

Most great violinists play beautiful music that resonates from their instrument, but their body is often involved too.

Sian Beilock
January 7 2015

7 Health Mistakes You Don't Realize You're Making Throughout The Day

There are some habits that have been ingrained into us for so long that we might not even realize that they're detrimental to our health.

Kelsey Frizzell
January 6 2015

3 Scientifically Proven Ways Walking Can Boost Your Mood

Have you ever seen someone practically skipping down the sidewalk, exuding absolute joy? Did you ever think to yourself Wow, that person's life must...

Patricia Thompson, PhD
January 4 2015

4 Yoga Poses For Perfect Posture If You Sit All Day

Working in front of our computers and sitting for extended periods of time can often round our posture forward. This can create physical tension that...

Kim Sin
December 19 2014

Bad Posture Is Slowing Down Your Running. Here's How To Fix It

The human head weighs roughly 12 pounds. But true as that fact may be, we don't all know the full story. It's time to get our heavy heads out of the...

Melissa Putt
December 5 2014

How Texting Damages Your Posture

You've probably put a child up on your shoulders before. Maybe you were at a concert or a football game and your child couldn't see. After a while,...

Emi Boscamp
November 19 2014

How To Have The Perfect Standing Posture

Despite our best efforts at good posture, sometimes you just can't avoid stooping. When you're gardening or doing chores that require you to bend...

Morgan Sutherland, LMT
November 4 2014

A Basic Stretching Sequence To Release Tension

Most of us spend our days days sitting, and often with poor posture. This seated sequence will help stretch our spines straight, keep the spine supple...

Laura McDonald
October 28 2014

8 Tips For Perfect Desk Posture

Sitting for too long causes your low back muscles and hip flexors (the muscles that allow you to lift your knees and bend at your waist) to become...

Morgan Sutherland, LMT
October 27 2014