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Do You Sit All Day? Try This Strategy To Improve Your Posture

Modern society has us bent out of shape, making us hunch over laptops, tablets and smartphones for the majority of our days. As the workplace...

Rupal M. Patel
September 16 2014

3 Easy Steps To Keep Your Office Chair From Killing You (Video)

Are you stuck in a chair all day long? Probably your back, neck and shoulders don't feel so great. You always need a good massage, and if you get a...

Michael Taylor
September 10 2014

5 Exercises To Improve Your Posture (Infographic)

Start correcting your posture, and you'll begin walking tall again.

Rupal M. Patel
September 9 2014

4 Simple Steps To Get Great Posture (Video)

Our posture both reflects and creates how we feel and how we live, so obviously good posture is so important! When it's not so good, we often feel...

Michael Taylor
August 9 2014

Why Standing Desks Might Not Work For You

Standing desks are all the rage lately, but they aren't good for you if you don’t stand correctly. This should be a common sense concept, but many...

Jonathan FitzGordon
July 18 2014

11 Questions To Ask The Next Time You Feel Out Of Whack

Does your energy seem stagnant, your pain never-ending and your stress over silly things is sky-high? You may be wondering: Why am I feeling off? Our...

Reshma Patel, DPT
March 29 2014

9 Positions That Will Improve Your Posture (And Your Yoga Practice)

When you learn anatomy, either for yoga or any other discipline, you’ll learn about “Anatomical Position.” This term describes any position from which...

Karen Fabian
March 11 2014

5 Tips To Be Fierce In Warrior II

The Warrior poses were given their name for a reason. They are powerful and activating postures that build strength, balance and stamina. Many...

Gigi Yogini
January 3 2013

Get Great Posture in 5 Easy Steps

Within weeks, your posture, and hopefully any associated pain, will improve with lasting results.

Shanda Packard
December 15 2012

If You're Going to Wear High Heels, Be Healthy About It

Whether you're a novice or a seasoned stiletto-strutter, you're still vulnerable to the aches and pains of heel-wear.

Dr. Emily Splichal
November 30 2012

10 Reasons to Give More Hugs

Have you ever had the kind of busy day that perhaps leaves you feeling a bit physically disconnected? I have, and I rarely notice this until someone...

Sara Courter
October 24 2012