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Cook Once, Eat Healthy All Week

Cooking extra food at the beginning of the week is the key to making my life way easier Monday through Thursday (Friday is takeout night!).

Leah Vanderveldt
January 3 2016

Winter Warmer: Butternut Squash + Black Bean Chili

Eating seasonally is a wonderful practice with regards to both specific foods and their temperatures. I find it much more comforting to eat a warm...

Christina Bedetta, R.D., LDN
December 30 2015

What I Tell My Clients Who Want To Eat For Toned Abs

In a nutshell, my Six Weeks to Sexy Abs diet consists of nutrient-dense, calorie-light whole plant foods. Let’s take a look at the basic principles of...

Ella Magers
December 28 2015

The Ultimate Better-For-You Butternut Squash Mac 'n' Cheese

Get cozy and spend a night in with this plant-based macaroni and cheese.

Candice Kumai
December 25 2015

Try This Satisfying 15-Minute Meal Tonight

The really fast meal that you throw together when you want to quickly stuff your face with healthy food. I practically lived off variations of this...

Andrea Duclos
December 21 2015

3 Healthy Holiday Recipes That Will Wow Your Guests

Classic holiday flavors with a healthy twist, these three recipes will brighten your day and lighten your plate!

Candice Kumai
December 19 2015

What A Plant-Based Health Coach Eats To Fuel Her Day

As a health coach, I'm asked, "Lisa, what do you eat?" at least once a day.

Lisa Consiglio Ryan
December 14 2015

What I Learned After 30 Days Of Plant-Based Eating (It's NOT What You Think)

As a health-coach who loves food, I naturally wanted to try this different way of eating.

Kezia Hall
December 13 2015

10 Simple Plant-Based Meals To Whip Up In 15 Minutes Or Less

Most people who have yet to master the art of healthy eating are under the impression that putting nutrient-rich food in their body is a time...

Molly Patrick
December 5 2015

The #1 Nutrition Rule I Live By: A Cardiologist Explains

My brother Daniel died from an incurable disease when he was three. I was seven, and I remember wanting to throw stamps into his grave so he could...

Dr. Robert Ostfeld
November 23 2015

11 One-Pot Meals To Make This Week (They'll Solve All Your Dinner Problems)

One-pan meals solve almost every weeknight dinner problem. They're simple to prep, easy to cook, and require minimal clean up — what's not to love?

Leah Vanderveldt
November 23 2015

Eat Healthy All Week With These 15-Minute Meals!

The most affordable way to eat heathy is to cook for yourself. In an ideal world, cooking for yourself would be effortless and simple — but that's not...

Leah Vanderveldt
November 21 2015

The Ultimate Homemade Hummus For Snacking & Entertaining

This dip is a fresh, homemade take on store-bought hummus but with chopped red pepper and oily herbs in the center. Serve with pita chips and...

Charlyne Mattox
November 21 2015

I Went Vegan & Suffered From Anxiety, Candida Overgrowth, Acne & More. Here's Why

Like many experimental teens with Internet access, I found my way to the PETA website to learn a bit more about vegetarianism. Several videos and...

Samantha Lahonen
November 20 2015

The Soup You'll Want To Eat All Week

This soup is incredibly easy to make and delicious served both hot or cold. Hot in the winter with a few slices of warm sourdough toast drizzled in...

Heather Cox
November 15 2015

Why I Finally Went Vegan (And Still Am 18 Years Later)

It started with yoga. My teacher Sharon Gannon (or one of her disciples) would gently but firmly remind us not to put toxins in our bodies. Every day...

Russell Simmons
November 13 2015

3 Plant-Based Recipes For Thanksgiving

It might seem like the holidays are a difficult time for the plant-based eater, but I think Thanksgiving is a great time to introduce family and...

Leah Vanderveldt
November 11 2015

A $7 Dinner ... With Ingredients All From Trader Joe's

This bowl was inspired by Trader Joe's convenience foods. And by convenience foods, I mean stuff like precooked and pre-sliced vegetables and legumes...

Leah Vanderveldt
November 10 2015

Slow-Cooker Sunday: 16 Plant-Based Recipes

Most people think of slow cookers for meat stews and braises. And while they're great for that, they're also great for lots of plant-based meals.

Leah Vanderveldt
November 8 2015

Roasted Fall Vegetable Bowl With Spicy Peanut Sauce

This bowl has been my favorite lunch for the past week. It's super-easy when I take time to roast some vegetables on a Sunday, especially when I pick...

Leah Vanderveldt
November 7 2015