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How To Be An Athlete On A Plant-Based Diet

Tips from one of the world's fittest men, Rich Roll

Rich Roll
April 28 2016

I Cycled 7,000 Miles On A Vegan Diet. Here's What It Taught Me

Pedaling across the United States and cranking up steep passes in the European Alps is a big undertaking. Doing so on a vegan diet, however, is...

Dakota Gale
March 27 2016

Veganism Versus A Whole Food Plant-Based Diet: What's The Difference?

A vegan diet is not the same thing as a whole food plant-based diet. I’m going to make this super easy for you and break it down.

Molly Patrick
March 11 2016

Sun Potion's "Mind, Body, Green" Tonic Herb Potion

When Scott Linde and Nitsa Citrine, the powerhouse couple behind transformational foods line, Sun Potion, stopped by the mbg offices in February, they...

February 10 2016

7 Plant-Based Snacks For Your Super Bowl Party

Because game day is really all about the snacks.

Leah Vanderveldt
February 5 2016

7 Essential Foods For Creating Vegan Meals

Whether you're just dabbling in veganism or you want to upgrade to a clean food kitchen, here are the seven foods you MUST have in your pantry or...

Lisa Consiglio Ryan
January 29 2016

How To Eat Vegan On Just $5 A Day

We know that eating a plant-based diet (or just a diet with more plants) is great for your body, but we wanted to see if it was affordable, too....

Annie Markowitz, PhD
January 27 2016

3 Make-Ahead Vegan Meals

Getting prepped for the busy week ahead can make the difference between eating healthy and eating ... well, cold pizza for dinner. If you're trying to...

Ginny Kay McMeans
January 8 2016

New Research Proves That Plant-Based Diets Don't Have To Be Expensive

Sure, we think. Of course Gisele Bündchen and Tom Brady can eat like that. They can afford it.

Emi Boscamp
January 6 2016

11 Things I Keep In My Freezer To Make Eating Vegan Easy

If there's one secret I’ve learned in my years as a vegan, it’s that advance planning is everything. If you're like me and never seem to have enough...

Ginny Kay McMeans
January 4 2016