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Vegan Baking Basics: How To Make The Perfect Apple Pie

Sophie Jaffe, founder of Philosophie, shares her tips and tricks for crafting the perfect plant-based apple pie and shows how you can too!

November 16 2016

The Absolute Best Cities For Plant-Based Foodies

This fun infographic by Travel Supermarket is here to ease the plight of mindful foodies everywhere.

Emma Loewe
September 13 2016

Why You Should Eat More Seaweed & How To Do It

Even if you haven't tried seaweed snacks, it's likely you've seen them; seaweed has many health benefits, but not everyone loves the taste because we...

Kerrilyn Pamer
August 29 2016

6 Tips That Helped Me Lose 65 Pounds Without Feeling Deprived

Weight loss can actually be easy if you can make a few simple mindset shifts.

Annie Markowitz, PhD
August 1 2016

Why You Should Choose Frozen Over Fresh Fruit

While the idea of frozen food may conjure up visions of processed pizza and freezer-burned bags of chicken nuggets, the truth is that when it comes to...

Rachel Drori
July 24 2016

The Ultimate Plant-Based Shopping List (From A Dietitian)

Your pantry is your tool kit for fast, healthy, and flavorful meals.

How To Defend Your Vegan Diet To Your Skeptical Doctor

I often have people tell me, "My doctor isn't supportive of a plant-based diet. What information can I share?" Here's what I tell them.

Joel Kahn, M.D.
May 25 2016

I’m A Plant-Based Chef & Nutritionist. Here Are My Go-To Snacks

"You need to have a game plan to allow yourself access to clean and real foods that provide you with the energy and nutrients to keep you going all...