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This 3-Move Workout Will Get Your Legs & Glutes Burning In Under 8 Minutes

This quick routine is perfect for a midday movement break.

#pilates #hiit #mbg moves
CJ Frogozo
November 9 2020

Let's Get To The Core: 4 Pilates-Based Moves To Strengthen Your Lower Abs

This core routine is perfect for an at-home workout.

#pilates #movement cures
Lia Bartha
November 4 2020

Ignite Your Core With A Pilates Move That's Way More Exciting Than Plank

Instead of a long sweat session, opt for a few mini movements.

Abby Moore
October 31 2020

3 Pelvic Floor Exercises To Help Release Sticky Tension All Over Your Body

As a corrective exercise specialist, I'd argue that the ability to find full relaxation of these muscles is equally if not more important than...

Helen Phelan
October 24 2020

How To Do Side Plank Crunches To Fire Up Your Core (& Whole Body, TBH)

This move lengthens, strengthens, and tones your whole body!

#pilates #hiit
Sarah Regan
October 17 2020

A 10-Minute Pilates Workout That Targets Your Legs & Deep Core

Get ready to get stronger through and through.

Marcia Meade
August 17 2020

It's Time To Stop Neglecting This Crucial Part Of Your Strength Workouts

Make the most out of your fitness sessions.

#pilates #hiit
Kristine Thomason
August 15 2020

This 3-Move Circuit Will Take Your Abs Workout To New Heights

This move will challenge your entire body.

#pilates #hiit
Danielle Gray
July 29 2020

6 Simple & Effective Core Stability Exercises You Can Do At Home

These moves target your deep core, for a stronger center.

#pilates #yoga
Lia Bartha
July 27 2020

What Engaging Your Core Really Means + How To Know If You're Doing It

For anyone who wasn't quite sure.

#pilates #barre #yoga
Abby Moore
June 17 2020

A 15-Minute Resistance Band Workout To Strengthen Your Core

Five exercises you can do anywhere.

#hiit #pilates
Katie Dunlop
June 6 2020

3 Pregnancy Stretches To Increase Flexibility In Your Spine, Hips & Legs

Plus, they'll help prepare your body for labor.

#pregnancy #yoga #pilates

Grab A Resistance Band & Give This Full-Body Strength Workout A Go

The stretchy bands are great for building strength and muscle endurance all over your body—plus, they're easy to use and very versatile.

#hiit #pilates
Katie Dunlop
May 31 2020

5 Feel-Good Exercises & Stretches To Open Up Tight Shoulders

Show your shoulders some love.

Lia Bartha
April 26 2020

A Workout To Strengthen Your Legs & Glutes (With Or Without A Pilates Ball)

Your lower body is going to love you.

#pilates #flexibility
Lia Bartha
April 17 2020

Want To Lower Your Blood Pressure? Research Says This Workout May Help

It seems it's time to get on the mat.

#pilates #Heart #news
Sarah Regan
April 1 2020

3 Reasons To Add Low Impact Cardio Into Your Workout Routine

Anyone want to go for a stroll?

#Heart #hiit #hiking #pilates
Jason Williams, NASM-CPT
November 29 2019

The 5-Minute Core Workout You Can (And Probably Should) Do Every Day

It's quick and effective—what more could you ask for?

#hiit #longevity #pilates
Ray Bass, NASM-CPT
November 2 2019