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How To Make Peace With Tragedy When Nothing Else Works

"I am grateful that God chose me for cancer so I could teach others how to be strong."

Dave Braun
July 21 2017

Therapy Not Working? Try This Instead

If you've tried everything and still haven't managed to change your life, pivot your strategy to this.

Daniel Dowling
July 21 2017

Unhappy In Your Relationship? Here's How To Find Out If It's Abusive (And If It's Time To Leave)

Like most people, I’d always told myself, "I will never stay with someone who abuses me." But the truth was, when I found myself in that situation, I...

Dr. Perpetua Neo
July 20 2017

Not Enjoying Dating? It's Not Them, It's You

Is the problem dating, or is it us?

Amy Baglan
July 19 2017

How To Overcome Your Fear + Start Feeling Powerful, Alive & Worthy

"Fear is not some absolute truth that you have to build your life around; it is merely the lens through which you have chosen to see your reality."

Kelly McNelis
July 19 2017

Don't Start A New Relationship Until You've Done These 4 Things

"We’d go on long hikes, spend afternoons wrapped in my bedsheets, and travel to hidden hot springs and tropical beaches enmeshed in the physical...

Kathryn Mitchem
July 18 2017

'To The Bone': Read This Before You Watch Netflix's Controversial New Film

What you need to know before you watch Netflix's new film, "To the Bone."

Heather Senior Monroe
July 18 2017

Here’s How To Make Today The Best Day Of Your Life

What's stopping you from having your best day ever?

Daniel Dowling
July 17 2017

Your Weekly Horoscope Is Here: What's In The Stars For You?

This week goes from whisper to roar as planets drift from quiet, reflective Cancer to live-out-loud Leo. The question is: Where does your realm of...

The AstroTwins
July 17 2017

7 Traits Of Free-Spirited Women

Are you living as a free-spirited woman?

Martha Moore
July 16 2017

How To Stay Sane When Fake News Is Taking Over Your News Feed (According To A Psychologist)

So often reality seems to be defined by the loudest voice or the highest bidder, and it can be tough to separate the truth from the noise.

Dr. B Grace Bullock
July 15 2017

How Fear Is Holding You Back + 4 Ways To Overcome It

Simply by venturing outside your comfort zone and into the unknown, you're making yourself vulnerable to uncertainty. And that anxiety can keep you...

Cait Scudder
July 14 2017

7 Ways To Keep Your Breakup (Or Divorce) From Making You Bitter

"The world is full of magic things patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper." —Yeats

Leah Scott
July 13 2017

Lauren Bush Lauren On FEED, Her Inspiration For Giving Back & How She Finds Balance As A Working Mom

It started with one trip to Guatemala that changed Lauren's outlook. That led to the original FEED bag—one product Lauren made to raise awareness and...

Jason Wachob
July 13 2017

4 Emotional Healing Techniques That Will Change The Way You Think About Weight Loss

​"Food for the body is not enough. There must be food for the soul." —Dorothy Day

Brittany Jackson
July 12 2017

Why Astrology Was The Answer To My Anxiety

Here's what happened when I learned that Uranus is screwing up my life.

Hannah R. Goodman
July 12 2017

I Replaced Marathon Running With Yoga: Here's How It Changed My Life

Being kind to yourself should be your highest priority.

Katina Mountanos
July 11 2017

Your Intuition Isn’t Foolproof. Here's What To Do When It Messes With You

What to do when your gut instinct is waaaay off.

Bethany Londyn
July 10 2017

Your Weekly Horoscope Is Here: What's In The Stars For You?

Call in the detectives, throw down some tarot spreads. Early this week, there will be SO much going on below the surface that nothing should be taken...

The AstroTwins
July 10 2017

Do You Have Sexual Integrity? Here's What It Means + How To Tell

The best part of sexual integrity is that when you are honest and open about your sexual life, risking vulnerability by revealing your deepest desires...

Rob Weiss
July 10 2017