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6 Ways To Raise Happy, Kind & Confident Children

The other day, I watched in amazement as my two daughters had a conversation with each other using the exact expressions my husband and I use when...

Kaia Roman
August 20 2015

Simple Breathing Exercises To Help New Moms

When people tried to convince me that motherhood was going to be energy-draining, I wasn’t ready to accept this as my reality.

Tejal Patel
August 19 2015

7 Ways To Raise A Son Who Will Grow Up To Respect Women

A few months ago, I said something to my 12-year-old son that I’d been wanting to convey to him his entire life: “You know, one day you will have a...

Emma Dixon, PhD
August 18 2015

9 Things Never To Say To A Mom Of Triplets

After an uneventful shopping trip at Target, I made my way to the cash register. My three two-year-olds were sitting contentedly in the cart, taking...

Krysta Manning
August 12 2015

8 Simple Ways To Raise Healthy Eaters (Starting Now!)

Did you know that nearly one-third of the average American kid's diet isn't even real food? While it may be disheartening to think about all the junk...

Lisa McCoy
August 10 2015

7 Ways To Raise Grateful Kids In An Over-Entitled World

In a world of “I wants” and “Can I haves?” it can be daunting for parents to raise grateful kids.

Amy McCready
August 9 2015

8 Ways To Raise Calm, Happy Kids + Boost Their Social Skills

As a therapist and child development expert for over 20 years, I've learned a lot about the powerful of mindfulness.

Sean Grover
August 7 2015

7 Science-Backed Reasons To Get Your Kids Outside

Most of us intuitively know that we feel better when we spend time outside.

Lawrence Rosen, M.D.
August 5 2015

5 Ways To Raise Kids Who Will Become Sex-Positive Adults

As a sexologist, I often hear from parents who are nervous about discussing sex with their children. For so many, it seems like a daunting task filled...

Real Moms Share: 9 Things I Wish I'd Known Before Having A Baby

While no one can really be prepared for such a life-changing event as bringing home a little one, it helps to hear from those who have been there...

Anna Williams
July 17 2015

5 Valuable Health Lessons You Can Learn From Your Child

The moment my first child was born, my view of the world changed forever. But of all the perceptions that changed, one thing took me especially by...

Maryann Jacobsen
July 15 2015

10 Tips To Raise A Resilient Child

A few months ago, my three year-old son Noah, his dad and I spent a long time in the emergency room. Somewhere around noon, day care had called me to...

Leony Vandebelt
June 26 2015

5 Really Good Reasons Why Kids Need Time In Nature

Children who spend time in nature early on in life are much more motivated to get outside when they are older

Ros Hunwicks
June 19 2015

What I Wish More People Understood About Infertility

After being in the infertility industry for 17 years, both as a patient and a professional, I have aware of how sensitive an issue it is for so many...

Mindy Berkson
June 16 2015

4 Reasons Meditation Will Transform Your Pregnancy

During my pregnancy, my fundamental desire was for my baby to be balanced, happy and healthy.

Jillian Lavender
June 8 2015

3 Things Introverted Parents Can Teach Their Kids About Life

Most people thrive in a wide circle of friends. According to Psychology Today, about 60% of the population is comprised of extroverts —meaning they...

Wendy Bruno
June 4 2015

6 Ways To Empower Your Daughter To Have Positive Body Image

I hate my hair. It is too curly. It is too straight. I hate my thighs. My boobs are too small. My boobs are too big. I’m too short. I’m too tall.

Rosemary Clark
June 3 2015

7 Simple Healthy Habits For Pregnant Women

The irony of pregnancy is that the actual 40 weeks is referred to as "nine months." This is an especially bitter pill to swallow in the last few...

Drink Wine, Eat Ice Cream & 5 Other Things I Want My Kids To See Me Do

Have you ever tried to go to the bathroom with someone leaning on your leg? Because that’s motherhood: it's as if there are never any secrets from...

Jennifer White
May 26 2015