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5 Items An ER Doctor Would Never Keep In Her Home

I'm always astounded by how many unsafe products are marketed to parents every day — regardless of how harmful they can be.

Dr. Darria Long Gillespie
August 31 2016

The 10-Minute Trick You Can Use To Raise Happy, Grateful Kids

Within a day or two of implementing this tool, you'll notice kids who are more cooperative, happier, and way more fun to be around.

Amy McCready
August 23 2016

5 Powerful Affirmations To Become A Happier & Calmer Mom

"I am doing a great job with the tools I have available to me."

Kimmy Smith
August 17 2016

4 Habits Every Kid Needs To Grow Up Happy

Research shows that these are the four key habits.

Erica Reischer
August 16 2016

I Was A Stressed-Out Working Mom. Here's The Simple Change That Made My Energy Skyrocket

As a "mompreneur," I'm either buried in my laptop or on the phone — all day long. When I'm not, I'm wearing my mom hat. Here's how I stay sane.

Michelle Dempsey
August 15 2016

The Parenting Trick You Should Steal From The Happiest Country In The World

"Hygee" is one of the keys pillars of the Danish parenting model.

Jessica Alexander
August 9 2016

The Old-School Secret To Raising Happy, Successful Kids

We've forgotten that this "soft skill" can make a big difference in a kid's trajectory.

Richard Rende
August 4 2016

The Best Foods & Sleep Routine For Every Type Of Child, According To Ayurveda

You can't change your children's essential nature—but as a parent, you can learn how to understand them better and help them grow to their full...

Dr. Fred Travis
August 2 2016

3 Simple Ways To Raise Generous Children

When kids believe in their own ability to make a difference, the possibilities are endless.

Susan Verde
July 25 2016

7 Simple Ways To Connect With Your Kids

Creating meaningful connection with our kids is easier than you think—because a little goes a long way.

Jamison Monroe
July 16 2016

The One Thing You Should Stop Doing If You Want To Raise Happy, Successful Kids

We all want what is best for our children. But why are we so sure that as parents we know what that is?

Lisa Kaplin
June 26 2016

7 Mindful Money Lessons To Teach Your Kids Right Now

Feeling good about money gives kids a larger sense of confidence that translates into happiness and well-being down the road.

Kimberly Palmer
June 25 2016