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5 Powerful Affirmations To Become A Happier & Calmer Mom

"I am doing a great job with the tools I have available to me."

Kimmy Smith
August 17 2016

I Was A Stressed-Out Working Mom. Here's The Simple Change That Made My Energy Skyrocket

As a "mompreneur," I'm either buried in my laptop or on the phone — all day long. When I'm not, I'm wearing my mom hat. Here's how I stay sane.

Michelle Dempsey
August 15 2016

The Parenting Trick You Should Steal From The Happiest Country In The World

"Hygee" is one of the keys pillars of the Danish parenting model.

Jessica Alexander
August 9 2016

The Old-School Secret To Raising Happy, Successful Kids

We've forgotten that this "soft skill" can make a big difference in a kid's trajectory.

Richard Rende
August 4 2016

The Best Foods & Sleep Routine For Every Type Of Child, According To Ayurveda

You can't change your children's essential nature—but as a parent, you can learn how to understand them better and help them grow to their full...

Fred Travis, PhD
August 2 2016

7 Simple Ways To Connect With Your Kids

Creating meaningful connection with our kids is easier than you think—because a little goes a long way.

Jamison Monroe
July 16 2016

3 Fun Exercises That Help Kids Tap Into Their Emotions

These activities can help all of us to acknowledge, release, and create a conversation with and around our feelings.

Erica Golub
June 18 2016

Forget Time-Outs. Here's How To Discipline Your Kid With Positive Parenting

It's often tempting to respond to misbehavior with anger, shaming, and conventional means of punishment, like time-outs. But I believe there’s a...

Rebecca Eanes
June 8 2016

7 Ways To Raise Caring Kids In An All-About-Me Culture

The parenting road may be bumpy, but if you stay focused on raising a caring child, there will be no better reward: You will have raised a good human...

Michele Borba
June 7 2016

7 Promises I'm Making To My Kids This Summer

My goal is to let go of some of the worry that something bad will happen—and start to appreciate when something good is happening.

Kevin O'Leary
June 4 2016

Why You Shouldn't Let Your Kid Believe In The Tooth Fairy

You don’t need to lie to your kid in order to bring magic and light and happiness to her life.

Elaine Rose Glickman
June 1 2016

A Food-Based Approach To Protecting Kids' Teeth (It's Not Just About Sugar!)

You are actually better off feeding your child a piece of 70 percent dark chocolate than a pretzel, cracker, or handful of raisins.

Dr. Roger Lucas
May 29 2016

5 Kid-Friendly Ayurvedic Practices For A Healthy Summer

While summer is often filled with fun and leisure for kids, it can also be a time for indulgence in junk foods, TV and late nights. Thankfully, there...

5 Things About My Millennial Kids I Finally Stopped Judging

I love that my daughters are so open and tell me things that are going on in their lives. They share their good news and also reach out to me to...

Lisa Kayne Lieberman
May 18 2016

A Bedtime Meditation For Kids So Good You'll Do It Too

Help your little one banish worries and fears before bedtime with this calming visualization.

Erica Golub
May 13 2016