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The God of My Friends & I

His name is Ricky. He’s eighteen, has a two-year-old daughter and is homeless. That’s the story he tells on the 6 train. I’ve seen him a few times,...

Derek Beres
July 11 2011

Moving From Center with Derek Beres & Sasha Dmochowski

Join Derek Beres and Sasha Dmochowski for this challenging and informative exploration of how to properly 'move from center' in your yoga practice....

July 6 2011

Liv Tyler Loves Her Green Juice

It looks like our friend, Tara Stiles, was on to something when she said we were "in the midst of a juice boom here in New York City," as Liv Tyler...

Jason Wachob
June 29 2011

Liquid Yoga: Paddleboarding on the Hudson River

Walking north along the newly constructed park above Chelsea Piers, I peered across the Hudson River to spot something odd and rather epic. A swirl of...

Derek Beres
June 23 2011

There Is No Competition in Yoga

I was recently asked in a beautifully candid email if I had any advice for a yoga teacher who had a "burning desire" to "achieve certain poses" they...

Heidi Kristoffer
June 22 2011

Food Is/As Information

Dr. Frank Lipman keeps saying it and now I finally get it. Food is information to your genes. We are not predestined to look, feel or age in a...

Laurie Gerber
June 22 2011

Hala Khouri's Teaching Yoga to At-Risk Youth & Adults Workshop in NYC

If you want to learn how to share the gifts of yoga with those who need it most, then you'll want to check out Hala Khouri's workshop on MBG NY, as...

June 21 2011

When Gurus Go Wild!

The yoga instructor. I had always had a deep reverence for what they gave to the world. I had been a yoga practitioner for nearly nine years, but...

Alyssa Ritch
June 21 2011

Post Baby Yoga: Getting Your Body Back

"When I can go back to yoga?" is the number one question I get from new moms. In fact, just last week, I received a text from a new mom who was still...

Lisa Dawn Angerame
June 16 2011

5 Things That Make a Great Yoga Teacher

My writing for MindBodyGreen has given more attention to answers than questions. But I found myself in a Nissan 'Innovators' interview with my wife...

Michael Taylor
June 15 2011

Yoga for Scoliosis Workshop at YogaWorks SoHo

Internationally acclaimed teacher, Elise Miller, who specializes in back and sports-related injuries, is bringing her famous Yoga for Scoliosis...

June 15 2011

Why No Smoking in Public Parks Is a Great Thing

Last week an article appeared in the Huffington Post regarding the recent ban of musical performances in eight sections of Central Park. Famous areas,...

Derek Beres
June 14 2011

EarthRise Yoga Playlist 6.12-6.18.11: Derek Beres

Every week in EarthRise Yoga a new sequence emerges, along with a new soundtrack for those movements. This week the focus is on ankle dexterity and...

Derek Beres
June 10 2011

6 Essentials for Keeping Your Gut in Gear

I'm writing from Schuyler Grant's Kula Yoga teacher training up in Connecticut. It's an intense week of lots of asana, tons of sweat, great vegetarian...

Robin Berzin, M.D.
June 8 2011

Practicing Meditation Pregnant: Connecting Soul to Soul

Pregnancy is a wild ride! There is new life growing inside of you. Your hormones are raging. Your body is changing daily. It is a time of wonder and...

Lisa Dawn Angerame
June 6 2011

NY Yoga Workshop: Discovering Yoga with Tara Stiles & Mike Taylor

When we tune in and hear everything we are -- mind + body + spirit, all as one whole person -- we discover yoga for ourselves. Register for this June...

June 2 2011

Announcing Our Wellness Directory!

We are happy to announce the latest addition to the MindBodyGreen family of properties -- our new Wellness Directory! Our goal is to help you discover...

June 1 2011