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3 Ayurvedic Tips for Healthy Digestion

According to Ayurveda, healthy digestion is a cornerstone of good health.

Nadya Andreeva
August 5 2010

Q & A with Patricia Moreno of intenSati: Mind, Body & Affirmations

Patricia talks to MindBodyGreen about her first experience with the power of positive affirmation at age 13, what to know before your first intenSati...

Colleen Wachob
July 19 2010

Erin McKenna of BabyCakes: Ingredients (Video)

With locations in New York City and now Los Angeles, BabyCakes bakery (they also ship nationwide), has the most delicious, all-natural, organic, and...

Jason Wachob
July 6 2010

Q & A with Kris Carr: Crazy Sexy Wellness

Kris Carr does it all. Best-selling author? Check. Filmmaker? Check. Inspirational speaker? Check again. Guest on Oprah? Been there, done that. Oh --...

Jason Wachob
June 28 2010

Q & A with Michael Taylor: Weight Loss & Slow Yoga (Video)

Move over slow food, slow yoga might be then next big thing. I talked with yoga guide Michael Taylor about how it's actually slowing down (not...

Jason Wachob
June 17 2010

How To Do A Forearm Stand With Michael Taylor

In our yoga poses for beginners series, Michael Taylor from Strala Yoga demonstrates how to do a Forearm Stand.

Michael Taylor
April 29 2010

How to Do Warrior II Pose with Michael Taylor (Video)

In our beginners yoga pose series, Michael Taylor from Strala Yoga in New York City demonstrates how to do Warrior II pose.

Michael Taylor
April 23 2010

Q & A with Summer Rayne Oakes: On Earth Day

On Earth Day there's no better person to talk green with than eco-model, activist, and best-selling author of Style, Naturally (one of our fave books)...

Jason Wachob
April 22 2010

How to Do High Lunge Pose with Michael Taylor

Michael Taylor from Strala Yoga in New York City demonstrates how to do High Lunge.

Michael Taylor
April 21 2010

Q & A with Tara Stiles: Getting Started with Yoga

Tara Stiles connects healthy approaches to exercise, awareness, food, and everyday feeling good with a wide audience around the world.

Jason Wachob
October 13 2009