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Yoga Poses to Help with Seated Meditation (Video)

Up your meditation game with these simple yoga poses.

Lisa Dawn Angerame
August 16 2011

Real World Meditation Tips from NYC Teens

What if you can't get to a cushion, meditation center, or yoga studio, but need to touch down into the present moment and connect with yourself? You...

Sarah Herrington
August 15 2011

YogaWorks Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training

Don’t miss this unique opportunity for yoga teachers, doulas, labor and delivery nurses, childbirth educators and midwives interested in teaching...

August 11 2011

3 Fool Proof Ways to Work Your Intuitive Muscle!

That's right you heard it here first. Intuition is a muscle that you can develop over time, just like a killer six-pack or perfectly toned calves....

Nitika Chopra
August 8 2011

Cool Chocolate Mint Chip Shake

Seriously, just try this and I swear -- you will never again be bothered to reach for a milk shake or a Frappuccino!

Katrine van Wyk
August 2 2011

3 Lessons of Summer Yoga

The sweat. The drip. The soak. The slip. Welcome to summer yoga.

Lauren Imparato
August 2 2011

5 Ways to Replant Paradise

The story of the Garden of Eden and the search for Shangri-la started to confuse me once I was in my 20s for this reason -- why not just recreate...

Anthony Anderson
August 2 2011

The Challenge to Continually Challenge

When it comes to fitness, it is so easy to continue doing what we are familiar with; what we are good at. However, it is important to challenge...

Sarra Morton
August 1 2011

Soaking Up Argan Oil in Casablanca

Behold the skin-soothing miracle that is argan oil.

Derek Beres
August 1 2011

Anne Hathaway Loves Cake - Vegan Cake!

Just like many of us, 28-year-old actress, Anne Hathaway, likes to indulge in cake every once in a while. But when Anne reaches for sweets, she goes...

July 28 2011

Fly Over Your Fears

What is the scariest part of inversions? The fear of falling. In this workshop you'll learn how to safely fall out of inversions into backbends and...

July 28 2011

Breathe, Sit, Walk, Rest with Cyndi Lee

Join Om yoga founder, Cyndi Lee, for this special opportunity to practice the yogic and Buddhist methods for developing strength, stability & clarity...

July 27 2011

Letting Go to Fly Over Your Fears

When I first came to yoga, I was extremely inflexible in my body and in my mind. Super type-A, a total control freak. The concept or idea of "letting...

Heidi Kristoffer
July 25 2011

New York (Yoga) Minute

Finding a calm place in New York City is no mean feat. The city is continually alive with cars speeding, people yelling, music blaring, horses...

Lauren Burke
July 25 2011

7D7N: 7Days & 7Nights to a NEW YOU

Let's face it -- it is easy to overdo it these days. Overdo it in the terms of work, food, fun, drink, leisure, you name it. My parents call it...

Lauren Imparato
July 13 2011

Q & A with Colin Beavan aka No Impact Man

In November 2006, Colin Beavan (aka No Impact Man) and his family began a yearlong experiment in living a zero-waste lifestyle in New York City....

Tamar Samir
July 13 2011

Heidi Klum Gives Yoga a Whirl

When Heidi Klum decided to give yoga a whirl she turned to her friend and yogi, Russell Simmons, for guidance. The result: some very keen observations...

July 13 2011

OM yoga Boot Camp: Yogi Strength Training Immersion

Tone, strengthen & smarten your practice in this special bootcamp program running July 25-29, Mon-Fri from 7:30-8:30 with Kate Bailey. Register at MBG...

July 12 2011