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Meditation Helps Incarcerated Teens in NYC

Some of New York City's 'angriest teens are learning the way to a more peaceful path with a little help from the Buddha' reports NBC.

November 25 2011

Ally Hamilton on Strength with Ease, Balance, and Backbends

I met Ally through Jason, where I meet a lot of my quality wellness friends actually. She has this amazing sense of ease about her that I actually...

Tara Stiles
November 17 2011

What Schools Don't Know About Yoga

This week I learned a big lesson: while more schools are thankfully catching onto why yoga is a good curriculum addition, many schools still need to...

Sarah Herrington
November 16 2011

You Are What You See

We've all heard the saying before 'we are what we eat', well I believe we are what we see. Day in and day out our minds are distracted by what we see...

Liza Laird
November 16 2011

Meditations on Bread

Give us this day our daily bread. It's part of the Lord's Prayer. I know that much. But that's where my ecumenical knowledge ends. Instead, for me,...

Jeff Cannon
October 31 2011

5 Forward Bending Tips - In Acronym Form!

"It is the stretched soul that makes music, and souls are stretched by the pull of opposites -- opposite bents, tastes, yearnings, loyalties. Where...

Rebecca Ketchum
October 27 2011

What Lies in the Space Between Tradition & New Ideas?

Through the years on my continuous yogic journey I've crossed paths with many styles of the practice and have been drawn to several various ones for...

Erin Lewis
October 25 2011

Full-Figured Yoga Class in Harlem

We love the instructor's philosophy.

October 21 2011

Yoga for... Bachelorette Parties?!

Apparently bottle service and club-hopping are being replaced by Downward Dogs and core work as fitness-themed bachelorette parties are the hottest...

October 20 2011

How the Shadow Heals

I was listening to a lecture on Buddhism by Dr. Robert Thurman at The Tibet House in NYC last spring, and the floor had been opened up for questions....

Cynthia Kagoshima
October 18 2011

Vegan Bakeries Contemplate 'V' Word

Today's WSJ has an interesting article that profiles a number of vegan bakeries across the country. The thing is, some of these bakeries openly say...

October 17 2011

Why This Yogi Went Off the Mat, Onto Occupy Wall Street

On Monday 200 yogis joined Seane Corn in a unifying call to action and prayer in New York City's Zucotti Park, in support of the thousands of people...

Heather Snyder
October 13 2011

5 Backbending Tips - In Acronym Form!

Backbends make me feel like a teen and not in a good way. Mark Twain once said, "Ignorance, intolerance, egotism, self-assertion, opaque perception,...

Rebecca Ketchum
October 11 2011

Seane Corn Goes Off the Mat, Onto the Street

Our friend, Seane Corn, founder of the awesome non-profit, Off the Mat, Into the World, headed to Occupy Wall Street with nearly 200 hundred yogis...

October 10 2011

Yoga Continuing Education: How To Teach Basics

For certified teachers out there who want to get back to yoga's basics, this continuing education course at OM yoga is for you! Signup at MBG NY.

September 30 2011

A Baked Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

I have nothing against raw apples but with the onset of Fall and Vata dosha taking the reigns, soft and easy to digest fruits will have a more...

Nadya Andreeva
September 29 2011

Radiant Resonances: Oh, Inverted World*

The scene: Dozens of beautiful yogis folded forward in uttanasana, a sweet, salty sweat building after a few rounds of Surya Namaskar A. They're...

Margrét Ann Crone
September 28 2011

Starting a Self-Practice

The day I started a home yoga practice, also known as 'Self Practice' is the day I had to. No other reason. And that day may be today for you,...

Lauren Imparato
September 28 2011

Q & A with Noelle Beaugureau: Yoga, Grace & Strength

In my day dreaming about all of the possibilities of Strala, an exciting component from the beginning has been this idea of curating programs,...

Tara Stiles
September 26 2011