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Jill Blakeway: Sex & Chinese Medicine

Are you looking to spice up things for Valentine's Day? Did you know that there are four common problems that women have in their sex life? What about...

Jason Wachob
February 7 2011

No Space? No Problem! Yoga for Small Spaces Yoga Deck

As a kids yoga teacher I have several decks of yoga cards. Like big flashcards, yoga cards illustrate poses on the front with instructions on the...

Sarah Herrington
February 1 2011

New York City Takes On Sugar

Just a few sugary drinks a day can lead to consumption of over 68 packets of sugar!

February 1 2011

Yoga for Cabdrivers!

"Taxi Yoga: No More Road Rage. Become a Road Sage!" is what reads on the flier that Thomas Vollo has been distributing to promote his yoga for...

January 31 2011

Story Behind Phillip Askew's Yoga Video

Yogi or non-yogi, you'll definitely appreciate this four-minute video. My favorite shots are definitely in India when Phillip is practicing with all...

Jason Wachob
January 31 2011

Q & A with Schuyler Grant of Kula Yoga & Wanderlust

Schuyler Grant is the co-creator of the Wanderlust Festival, director of NYC's Kula Yoga Project, and the mom to three young girls. Besides balancing...

Jason Wachob
January 26 2011

Tara Stiles Rebel Yoga in NY Times: My Favorite Quote

As you all probably know, I love yoga. I love the idea of more people practicing yoga: kids, dudes, celebrities, and even 90-year-olds and...

Jason Wachob
January 24 2011

NY Deals: Sacred Space's Advanced Allergy Treatment

Do you have allergies that you just can't seem to overcome? Then you might want to consider Sacred Space's Advanced Allergy Therapeutics (AAT). This...

January 18 2011

Q & A with Dr. Lilli Link: The Healing Power of Foods

Dr. Lilli B. Link is a board certified internist who for the past ten years has been studying conventional nutrition as well as complementary...

Jason Wachob
January 17 2011

Gabrielle Bernstein: New Year's Resolutions

We're thirteen days into the new year—how are your 2011 resolutions coming along? If you're having trouble making them stick, you're not alone....

Gabrielle Bernstein
January 13 2011

Blink Fitness Opens in NYC: Unexpected Inspiration

Many of us go to yoga at our favorite instructor's class, or barre at our favorite barre-inspired method, and don't attend either of these classes if...

Jason Wachob
January 10 2011

Get Your Fireman-Style Bootcamp On in NYC

Want to reset your mind and body after a season of holiday parties, cookies and eggnog? Perhaps missing those workouts when you leave with a radiant...

Colleen Wachob
January 7 2011

Norma Kamali: There's No Product Like Your Health

I spent some time yesterday with fashion icon, Norma Kamali, at her Wellness cafe here in New York. When I asked her about the similarities between...

Jason Wachob
January 7 2011

NY Deals - Reflections Yoga 200-Hour Training

Busy living, but still want to deepen your practice? Want to train to teach the scientific art-form of Yoga? Reflections Yoga’s 200 hour...

January 6 2011

Get Naked Fast: Diana Stobo's Inspirational Story

If you're looking to make a lifestyle change and eat more veggies in 2011, Diana's inspiring five-minute video is a must-watch.

January 5 2011

Gabrielle Bernstein: On Looking Within

A lot of us are on a search to find our purpose. In this three-minute video, motivational speaker, life coach, and author, Gabrielle Bernstein talks...

Gabrielle Bernstein
January 4 2011

NY Deals - Miracle Magnet Lecture with Gabby Bernstein

Turn your deepest desires into reality and become a magnet for miracles! Gabrielle Bernstein will guide you through her trusted process of activating...

January 4 2011

2011 New Year's Eve & New Year's Day Yoga in NYC

Many will be flocking to New York's Times Square to ring in the New Year with Ryan Seacrest, while others will be hitting the yoga mat. Some of the...

December 30 2010

Q & A with Latham Thomas: Being a Mama-to-Be

Want to create a more blissful pregnancy, prepare your body and mind for labor, and cultivate a healthier lifestyle (to enjoy even after the bun is...

Colleen Wachob
December 20 2010

NY Deals - Organic Avenue Juice Cleanses

Whether you're a first timer or a seasoned cleanser, Organic Avenue has the prefect fresh-pressed juice cleanse for you. You don't have to starve...

December 15 2010