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NYC Vegetarian Food Festival on Sunday

If you live in New York City and you're a foodie who's looking to eat more veggies, then the next best thing to hitting every spot on Heidi...

March 30 2011

Q & A with Nikki Vilella of Kula Yoga

When Nikki Vilella stumbled into Tribeca's Kula Yoga back in 2002 (her first class at an actual yoga studio), little did she know that her first hip...

Jason Wachob
March 29 2011

Yoga and Creativity!

Maybe you started exploring yoga because of a physical injury or a broken heart. Maybe you wanted to become less stressed, stronger, more at peace....

Sarah Herrington
March 24 2011

3 Greenest Fast Food Restaurants in America

Green fast-food is a bit of a contradiction, right? Well, Greenopia is out with their list of the greenest fast-food restaurants, and the three that...

Jason Wachob
March 23 2011

11 Qualities of the Ultimate Yoga Instructor

In the past year I've been fortunate enough to have practiced with some of the best teachers in the world. So what makes a yoga instructor great? Who...

Jason Wachob
March 22 2011

Being Real Change with Gandhi and Friends

"Yoga and politics..." A long sigh followed those frustrated three words. My friend Matt and I were sitting in the steam room, long curls of smoke...

Derek Beres
March 22 2011

From Junkie to Yogi

Just six years ago, Jeanne Heaton was a junkie living on the streets of New York City. Now she's a yoga instructor. Here's her story:

March 20 2011

The Every Day Practice of Awakening to and Living Your Highest Potential

I recently moved into a new apartment. As always, it was exhaustively stressful. With boxes strewn around the apartment, no food in the fridge,...

Ashleigh Sergeant Altman
March 18 2011

NY Sales - Change It Around with Rainbeau Mars

Take a break and allow your fears and doubts to fall away as you join Rainbeau Mars for this exciting new workshop customized especially for Strala...

March 15 2011

Yoga at the Airport

Yoga in a studio is easy. You arrive and attempt to leave the 'outside' behind, unfurling your mat to deal with the anything-but-quiet of your mind....

Derek Beres
March 10 2011

NY Sales - "Float" Workshop with Ashley Albrand

If you want to work hard, sweat, breath, and go upside down, join Ashley Albrand for her popular Float inversion workshop featured on MindBodyGreen...

March 8 2011

Tara Stiles: My Yoga Practice Playlist

Here's what's on my playlist this weekend at Strala Yoga as well as the links to iTunes.

Tara Stiles
March 4 2011

Yoga for Expectant-Moms Who Need It Most

Many moms-to-be swear by their prenatal yoga practice as it helps alleviate stress, manage aches and pains, and develop good breathing habits for...

Jason Wachob
March 2 2011

Vegan Food Guide to New York City

Being born allergic to dairy, eggs, seafood and shellfish (and then, of course, willingly eliminating animals from my diet), eating out has always...

Heidi Kristoffer
March 2 2011

Conversations with Dr. Frank Lipman Debuts at Urban Zen

Besides being one of my favorite people, Dr. Frank Lipman happens to be a wellness rock-star whose views about functional medicine and sustainable...

Jason Wachob
March 1 2011

Weekend Yoga Picks Across the Country

Whether you are looking forward to an extended weekend or not, whether you are on the East Coast, or West Coast (or in-between), and no matter what...

Partner Post
February 18 2011

Can Kids Stay Still for Yoga? Om Yeah!

One of the most common questions I hear when people learn I teach kids yoga is, “can kids really calm down for yoga class?” My answer is “Om Yeah!”...

Sarah Herrington
February 15 2011

3 Reasons to Give Yoga for Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day pressure getting to you? Stress plus romance can be a toxic combo, unless it's the good, playful tension kind! For me, yoga is my...

Tara Stiles
February 10 2011

Deborah Flanagan on Reiki & Reflexology

Many of us have heard of Reiki or reflexology, but how many of us know what both holistic treatments are, and how they can benefit our minds and our...

Jason Wachob
February 9 2011

Q & A with Dana Flynn of Laughing Lotus

Dana Flynn's class at Laughing Lotus is an experience. Her infectious energy soaks up the room as she mixes poetry, movement, and music in a way...

Jason Wachob
February 8 2011