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10 Reasons Why You Might Love Foraging For Wild Foods

I’ve been a happy eater ever since I learned that so many of the plants and mushrooms that grow around us are edible and nutritious. In the seasons...

Ava Chin
May 6 2014

How To Get Your Kids To Play Outside More

Are the kids of today becoming disconnected from nature?

Piers Torday
April 2 2014

Why I Hate "Bikini Body" Pressure + How To Get Over It For Good

Spring is almost here, which means it’s time for my least favorite rite of spring: everywhere you look, online or off, women’s publications out there...

Rebeca Plantier
March 19 2014

All I Need To Know I Learned In The Pacific Northwest

Last year, my husband and I took a trip to Orcas Island in the San Juan Islands of Washington State. It was our first trip away from home—and from the...

Stacey Hegarty
March 13 2014

7 Ways To Work Out Without Going To The Gym

Have you ever started an exercise plan only to grow tired of it? Do the classes and the equipment at the gym ever get you down? No worries! Here are...

Jovanka Ciares
February 26 2014

Yoga & Meditation In The Sinai Desert (Gorgeous Photos)

As I sat on a plane from Sharm el Sheikh to Cairo in Egypt, looking down on the rocky and seemingly barren expanse of the Sinai Desert, tears yet...

​Sara Campbell
February 20 2014

Big Rocks & Big Skies: Yoga In Sedona, Arizona (Beautiful Photos)

The following new portfolio of images was created with Laura Kasperzak, someone who pushes the boundaries of artistry within the asanas and, on top of...

Robert Sturman
February 17 2014

10 Tips To Take Great Yoga Pics On Instagram

Yoga photos have taken over your Instagram feed. Between the encouraging Instagram yoga community and all of the fun yoga challenges popping up,...

Caitlin Turner
January 9 2014

Why Having More Time Won't Solve All Your Problems

Time can be a sensitive issue. It can seem as scarce as water during a draught. We find ourselves grasping for more, trying to buy more, or hoarding...

Alena Gerst
October 21 2013

6 Things The World Could Learn From Burning Man

Most people think that Burning Man is a bunch of naked hippies doing drugs in the desert ... and they're right. But Burning Man is also much more....

Emily Fletcher
October 4 2013

10 Simple Ways To Let Nature Heal You

It’s very true that the simplest healing tools are the most powerful. It’s also true that these are the ones that are most often overlooked. This is...

Jess Ainscough
September 27 2013

You Can Always Help The Environment, No Matter Where You Are

I love nature and the environment, every single part of it. I'm just a closet environmentalist. Which is why I spent the last day of my honeymoon...

Lauren Imparato
September 20 2013

5 Things I Learned When I Stopped Taking The Pill

After six years of feeling uncomfortable in my body, experiencing mood swings, lower bellyaches and severe lower back pains. I have written down for...

Iris Josephina
September 18 2013

What Sustainable Living Taught Me About Self-Care

The principles of permaculture — a philosophy that advocates sustainable, eco-friendly design and living — can be seen as guidelines for living a...

Katherine Leonard, M.S.
September 13 2013

What I Learned After A Month Of Camping

I recently spent almost a month camping in the Redwoods and on an organic farm. I hadn't been camping since I was a young child with my parents. I'm a...

Lisa Be
September 3 2013

6 Fast & Easy Feng Shui Tips That Work For Everyone

I was introduced to feng shui through a giant book full of pictures and wildly promising tips. I had no idea that your home could affect your life,...

Dana Claudat
August 30 2013

What I Learned From 12 Years Of Studying With A Shaman

For 12 years, I had the amazing experience of living with the Huichol people, an indigenous tribe that lives in the mountainous region of central...

Brant Secunda
August 22 2013

How To Chill Out When You're Rushing Around Like Mad

The other day it really struck me, as I rushed to gobble my lunch during my precious 30-minute break, how much we're slaves to the clock. Wake up when...

Sara Courter
August 12 2013

8 Easiest Plants To Grow In Your Home

I’ve found growing plants in my home has inspired many of my friends to want to follow suit. Many admit that they would love to have plants in their...

Summer Rayne Oakes
July 26 2013

5 Techniques To Beat Chronic Stress

Stress is a buzzword that we use a lot. We tend to accept stress as a part of our daily routine because it contributes to our ability to adapt and...

Shannon Kaiser
July 19 2013