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Q & A with Rock Climber Steph Davis: On Yoga, Veganism, and Dealing with Fear

Name a mountain, and Steph Davis has probably climbed it with her bare hands.

Kerry Shaw
November 13 2012

7 Laws to Live Your Yoga

World-renowned author, Deepak Chopra, proclaims that by following these seven laws, we can attain vitality, joy, and enthusiasm for life. These laws...

Lisa Mitchell
September 5 2012

10 Tips to Reduce Stress From Chinese Medicine

Stress causes severe muscle pains, shrinks the size of our brains, and even causes heart disease.

Robert Piper
September 2 2012

3 Reasons to Practice Yoga in the Wild

While many yoga studios are cozy, serene and welcoming, studios can’t compete with the awe-inspiring beauty of nature.

Melissa Hagedorn
August 31 2012

8 Ways to Cleanse Your Mind, Body & Soul with Water

Whether you are religious or not, water blesses and cleanses the soul.

Claire Charters
August 1 2012

Herbs to Help Heal from Addiction

It’s quite one thing to triumph over addiction mentally, but one must also heal the body in order to prevent or lessen the ravaging after-effects of...

Amy Jirsa
July 27 2012

Why You Should Embrace Your Inner Animal

No, this doesn’t mean to eat a watermelon with your fingers and roll naked in the mud (though I highly recommend both of those things!). Over the...

Kristen Hedges
July 14 2012

15 Simple Tips to Balance Your Mind, Body & Soul

Here is a list of 15 simple things to consider incorporating into your healthy routine to help balance your mind, body, and spirit.

Jesse Chappus, D.C.
July 9 2012

The Power of Nature & Love

"If the things I really love—water, the sun, love—could be bought, I'd have been ruined long ago."

Robert Sturman
July 7 2012

23 Moments I Savor Every Day

“Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow."

Claire Charters
July 5 2012

4 Simple Steps for DIY Composting

Interested in taking the challenge to green up your space a bit?

Erin Yasinski
June 16 2012

The Power of Turning Inward

Inspiration felicitously reveals itself in an excerpt from Ralph Waldo Emerson’s essay

Nicole Newman
June 12 2012