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Oval Nails 101: How To Master The Shape + Nail Care Tips

Looking for an easy and sustainable nail shape? Keep reading.

Hannah Frye
July 14

The One Product That Restored My Dry, Brittle Nails In 12 Weeks

I used to think nail systems were a scam—then I found this $30 kit.

Hannah Frye
July 6

A Boxing Coach Says This Is Her Go-To Collagen Powder For Strong Hair & Nails*

As someone who trains for a living, she knows a thing or two about supporting her body from the inside out.*

Hannah Frye
June 15

This Is The Edgy Nail Design You're About To See All Summer Long

If you're bold enough to try something brand-new, let us introduce you to this super-cool shape.

Andrea Jordan
April 26

Want Your Natural Nails To Gleam Like A Diamond In The Sun? Try This

White tips with a smooth, flesh-toned nail plate, nary a spot, ridge, or fray in sight.*

Jamie Schneider
September 3 2021