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Have Soft + Bendy Nails? Here's Why & How To Strengthen Them

Don't worry—paper thin tips are more common than you might think.

Hannah Frye
January 15

Yikes: These 3 Common Habits Are Getting In The Way Of Strong Nails

Growing long and strong nails isn't easy for everyone—but it is possible.

Hannah Frye
January 6

We're Calling It: This Flattering Nail Trend Will Be Everywhere This Winter

Learn how to master this universally flattering look—and make it your own.

Jamie Schneider
December 9 2022

Nail Strengthener Not Working? Reach For This Supplement Instead

It's a quick and easy way to support your nails from within.

Hannah Frye
November 28 2022

Oh, So *This* Is Why I'm So Prone To Hang Nails + The Best Solutions

Here's the 101 on hangnails from causes to treatment and prevention so you can be prepped and ready next time one pops up.

Hannah Frye
November 11 2022

Just In: These Are The Prettiest Fall Nail Colors You'll See All Autumn Long

You might be surprised by a few of this year's picks. 

Jamie Schneider
September 28 2022

This Supplement Strengthens Users' Nails — After Years Of Breakage

If you're regularly pining for long, strong tips, there's nothing more annoying than breakage. Here, a supplement that can help.

Alexandra Engler
September 25 2022

PSA: Hailey Bieber's "Glazed Donut Nails" Recently Got A Major Fall Upgrade

A new twist on the classic glazed donut nails.

Hannah Frye
September 19 2022

We're Calling It: This Romantic Nail Color Is Going To Be Fall's New Neutral

A pop of color that still feels somewhat neutral.

Jamie Schneider
September 10 2022

Nail Slugging Is Here To Save Your Frayed, Painful Cuticles (You're Welcome)

Another day, another TikTok trend that dominates the beauty conversation.

Jamie Schneider
September 2 2022