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I Want To Help 1 Million People Avoid A Heart Attack

I recently had the opportunity to join a group of people who are changing my life. I joined the Genius Network, led by the amazing Joe Polish, a...

Joel Kahn, M.D.
March 16 2015

How To Define Success On Your Own Terms

It's obvious to most people that there's no longer a hegemonic definition of success, even in America, which created the "American Dream" for the...

March 11 2015

10 Things My Lucrative Corporate Career Taught Me About Spirituality

We tend to think money and spirituality are totally unrelated. But the opposite could not be truer.

Susie Moore
February 26 2015

Why Money Isn't Your Source Of Wealth (And What Is)

It's easy to get caught believing that things outside of ourselves will complete us. We do it with relationships: "When he/she commits to me, then...

Shelly Bullard, MFT
February 5 2015

10 Tips To Keep Your Grocery Bill Low & Still Eat Healthy

There's a common — and unfortunate — belief that healthy eating costs too much money to be sustainable. That an entire paycheck is required to foot...

Danielle Prestejohn
January 31 2015

5 Actionable Steps To Set Yourself Up For Success

You only get one life. Do you often find yourself wishing you were living a different one? Well, then you probably should make it happen. Especially...

Raquel Vasallo
January 30 2015

Stop Letting Money Define Your Self-Worth. Here's How

Perhaps the greatest determining factor of someone's overall well-being is the degree to which they value themselves and feel OK internally,...

Maureen Gilbert
January 28 2015

Mexico City Offers Free Subway Rides In Exchange For Exercise

Ever gotten to a subway turnstile only to realize you forgot your wallet? Well, in Mexico City, there's a way to get on that train, even if you don't...

Emi Boscamp
January 27 2015

You Don't Have To Sacrifice Passion For Stability When It Comes To Love & Money

I recently spoke to a client who wants to improve her relationship with both money and romantic love. We started our session by exploring her patterns...

Shelly Bullard, MFT
January 26 2015

3 Steps To Rewire Self-Sabotaging Thoughts For Good

What's one thought you have frequently that fuels procrastination, self-sabotage and fear-based decisions?

Lloyd Burnett
January 25 2015

Double Standards Still Hold Women Back At Work, According To Survey

There's no doubt that women are equally as qualified as men to lead companies. But even as they continue to make giant strides in every industry —...

Emi Boscamp
January 16 2015

How To Control Your Spending & Still Live Abundantly

You may be struggling to live abundantly for two reasons:

Lloyd Burnett
January 12 2015

3 Game-Changing Mindset Shifts To Attract More Money

Do you set intentions to have more money every year? Do you create vision boards or visualizations to attract more abundance? After a couple weeks, do...

Lloyd Burnett
December 31 2014

3 Lies You Need To Stop Telling Yourself About The Future

The desire to receive guidance for a better future has been around since recorded history. Oracles — individuals gifted with the ability to receive...

Maureen Gilbert
December 17 2014

How To Manifest Your Way To Financial Abundance

The worst pickup line I've ever received was "I make more money here than every guy combined." Needless to say, on behalf of women everywhere, I was...

Amita Patel, LMSW
December 17 2014

5 Tips To Avoid Buying So Much Useless Junk

The holidays are fast approaching, which means many folks are in full-blown consumer mode, maxing out credit cards, stuffing car trunks and loading up...

Hannah Sentenac
December 12 2014

Top 3 Beliefs That Are Sabotaging Your Income

What we make of our lives — our relationships, our passions, our careers, and more — are all contingent on how we perceive ourselves and what we...

Lloyd Burnett
December 9 2014

Here's Why Organic Turkeys Are So Darn Expensive

If you want to have a traditional Thanksgiving dinner, you probably don't want to skip out on the turkey. We all know it as the main event that...

Emi Boscamp
November 24 2014