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20 Signs You're Living Your Purpose

When you don't follow your calling and you are not maximizing your potential, you feel that you are missing out on something BIG.

Raquel Vasallo
August 11 2014

15 Easy (And Cheap!) Ways To Boost Your Mood

On days when I'm feeling low, I wish I could afford to blow $500 on a shopping spree or spend a day at the spa. But realistically, most of us have...

Megan Bruneau, M.A.
August 4 2014

How To Actually Do The Stuff You Say You Want To Do

So this time it's for real, right? The new diet. Quitting that soul-sucking job. Getting a small business loan. Going to back to school. Breaking up...

Sarah Von Bargen
July 27 2014

7 Chakra-Balancing Affirmations For Greater Financial Abundance

Chakras are energy centers located along the front line of your body. There are seven major chakras with each one governing different aspects of our...

Open Your Root Chakra To Abundance! Here's How

For those of us who live paycheck to paycheck, there's a level of frustration that lives within us. Our attachment to “not having enough” is so strong...

Christy Lynn Abram
July 11 2014

How To Ask For A Raise + How To Make Sure You Get It

Think about all the ways that money can make you feel:

Ramit Sethi
July 8 2014

3 Things To Change (And 3 Things To Accept) If You Want To Be Happy

What we practice is what we get. How we move in our lives all day every day — what we move away from, what we move toward — is what we get.

Michael Taylor
July 3 2014

How To Live The Good Life On A Shoestring Budget

Once upon a time, I was living a very luxurious lifestyle. I had a successful career with a big salary, which meant that I had the financial means to...

Kelly O'Brien
June 28 2014

3 Ways To Stop Swimming In Your Own S***

Have you ever seen fish in a dirty tank? They look droopy and dull and float around like they have shackles strapped to their fins. Their energy is...

John Kim, LMFT
June 20 2014

8 Powerful Life Lessons Hawaii Can Teach Us About Happiness

For tourists coming for a quick jaunt, it is hard to see beneath the pristine manicured lawns and balmy, sun-kissed palm trees of Hawaii. But if you...

Shannon Kaiser
June 16 2014

5 Weight Loss Tips That Don't Cost A Dime

“Between those appetite-curbing supplements and healthy foods, I feel like I'm spending half my paycheck to lose weight,” my friend said, showing me a...

JJ Virgin, CNS, BCHN
June 16 2014

7 Tips For Anyone About To Take A Leap Of Faith

In my 20s, I was a corporate robot. For me, yoga was a gateway drug to studying energy and consciousness and that’s when I started to chart my own...

Stacy Michelle
June 6 2014

8 Ways To Tell If Your Dream Career Is A Real Option

You know that you want to love your career more than you currently do. You have several ideas that you're excited about, and some of them are a bit of...

Samantha Sutton, PhD
June 2 2014

You Don't Need Fixing, Our Culture Just Says That You Do

I hear a common story in my office. Everyone else has it figured out. Everyone else has it easy. Everyone except me. What's wrong with me? Why am I so...

Megan Bruneau, M.A.
May 29 2014

25 Ways To Get Organized (Each Takes Less Than A Minute!)

I was recently chatting with one of my friends who shared with me that she was in dire need of a serious organizing intervention. When I asked her if...

Jordana Jaffe
May 7 2014

10 Things Successful People Do Every Day

Have you ever wanted to be just a little bit more successful? Of course you do! And of course you can be! But as many of us are just struggling to get...

Kelly Lynn Adams
May 5 2014

3 Reasons You Should Bring Spirituality To Your Work

A few months ago, in the lunchroom of my office, there was a spirited — OK maybe even heated — discussion about religion. While I won’t go into the...

10 Reasons To Think Twice Before Going To The Doctor (Advice From An MD)

Here's the cold, hard truth about your doctor: he or she is not going to be your "personal health fairy," nor will he or she will guide you to your...

Amy Shah, M.D.
May 2 2014

Why You're Not Attracting Money + What To Do About It

If you’re like 99% of people who have tried to use the Law of Attraction, you probably gave up a couple days after setting your million-dollar...

Lloyd Burnett
May 2 2014

4 Great Reasons To Buy in Bulk

Buying food in bulk has a variety of benefits, and it’s easier to do than ever before. Bulk sections are springing up in most major food stores across...