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The Key To Sexual Intimacy That Most People Overlook

When we are already sexually confident, already fulfilled, and already joyful, it becomes easy to find someone to roll with.

Biet Simkin
June 23 2016

The Holistic Sunday Ritual You Need For An Abundant Week

This very simple process created a massive transformation in my life. As a holistic wealth coach, I often recommend it to my own clients.

Leanne Jacobs, MBA
June 19 2016

3 Fun Exercises That Help Kids Tap Into Their Emotions

These activities can help all of us to acknowledge, release, and create a conversation with and around our feelings.

Erica Golub
June 18 2016

Why My Husband Took His Own Life — And How I Healed

"I didn’t even know how to approach healing, but I had to believe I was capable of it in order to carry on."

Penelope Draganic
June 15 2016

How To Eat, Sleep, And Breathe Like a Yogi

What are some ways we can begin to live like a yogi, off of our yoga mats and out in our day-to-day lives? Here are a few easy ones to get you well on...

Caley Alyssa
June 11 2016

How To Sneak Mini Meditations Into Your Everyday Life

Even something as distracting as a cellphone buzz can be a reminder for mindfulness.

Lynne Goldberg
June 8 2016

5 Easy Ways To Make Your Day Better In Under A Minute

Taking a minute to stop and handle the one or two things that feel doable might be exactly what you need to stop the slide into panic and turn your...

Paula Rizzo
June 6 2016

10 Ways To Teach Mindfulness To Your Kids Without Even Trying

If you or your kids think you don’t have time for even a little mindfulness practice, think again.

7 Promises I'm Making To My Kids This Summer

My goal is to let go of some of the worry that something bad will happen—and start to appreciate when something good is happening.

Kevin O'Leary
June 4 2016

8 Ways To Turn Any Workout Into A Meditative Experience

We are at our best when our minds and bodies are synchronized. Our bodies are already living in the present moment, but as soon as we can use...

Jennifer Wang
June 4 2016

How To Trick Your Mind Into A Deeper Meditation Practice

Since we understand that the ego requires a problem—any problem—to dwell on, you must simply provide it with new material.

Jennifer Niles
June 1 2016

What I Wish More People Understood About Therapy: A Clinical Psychologist Explains

Therapy can be a sort of facilitated meditation—a space to be quiet, to think, and to borrow someone else’s brain for a while so that they can think...

Leslie Carr, PsyD
May 27 2016

How Reiki Can Help You Recover From Heartbreak

Reiki is a totally underrated technique for dealing with loss and healing from heartbreak.

Sharna Langlais
May 22 2016

5 Things About My Millennial Kids I Finally Stopped Judging

I love that my daughters are so open and tell me things that are going on in their lives. They share their good news and also reach out to me to...

Lisa Kayne Lieberman
May 18 2016