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Athleta Summer Solstice Party In Miami Beach

300 yogis gathered at 1111 Lincoln Road in Miami Beach to celebrate the summer solstice.

June 30 2014

This Is The Only Thing You Need To Meditate (Funny)

Wouldn't it be nice if meditation teachers could sell all sorts of merchandise to capitalize on the practice's growing popularity? World-famous Vedic...

June 23 2014

What Do You Tell Someone Who Says They Can't Meditate?

So many people know that meditation is beneficial, it's a wonder there aren't more people who practice it. In this clip, meditation teacher Charlie...

June 17 2014

The Worst Advice You Could Give Someone About Meditation

Today at revitalize, meditation teacher Charlie Knoles weighed in on some popular advice about meditation and why it's actually the worst advice you...

June 16 2014

What Meditation REALLY Is

Myths about what meditation is and is not continue to swirl around this life-changing practice. In truth, meditation doesn't have to be confusing or...

June 15 2014

5 Beliefs That Are Messing Up Your Meditation Practice

In beginning a meditation practice, common (almost universal) challenges arise. Some of these have to do with myths of meditation. Others relate to...

Ashley Turner
April 18 2014

The 2 Things You Need If You Want Happiness

The wellness world is swamped with information about mindfulness. We're told how we should be mindful and what we should be mindful of. Essentially...

Paula Watkins, PhD
December 6 2013

6 Unlikely Places You Can Meditate

Have you ever meditated in a bathroom stall? I have. I am a grounded and practical girl. Like you, I have a busy life full of work, play, family, and...

Kate Hill
December 5 2013

5 Life-Changing Ways To Start Your Day

This post is just the tip of the iceberg! For even more of Sheryl Paul's wisdom, be sure to check out her newest class, How To Have The Greatest...

Sheryl Paul, M.A.
November 21 2013

Want Better Health? Try Doing Less

We live in a culture that values doing, achieving, and succeeding. Though these habits are valuable and necessary, the downfall to our health is that...

Jennifer Bolus
October 29 2013

The One Essential Subject You Never Learned In School

We learn many skills in schools. In the early years, we learn to read and write, we learn about science and technology, we learn math basics. In later...

Sheryl Paul, M.A.
October 25 2013

​11 Easy Ways To Meditate (Even If It Seems Impossible)

When I recommend meditation to my stressed-out clients, they often open their eyes wide and scrunch up their nose.

Kristen Hedges
October 16 2013

How Meditation Can Help You Get Calm, Relaxed, Healthy & Happy

Want to calm your mind, relax your body, improve your health, and live a meaningful and happy life?

Charlie Knoles
August 6 2013

Expand Your Consciousness

“One's destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things." ~Henry Miller

David Starlyte
December 28 2012

Tis The Season To Be Mindful

With shorter days and longer to-do lists, it’s pretty easy for people to feel overwhelmed in winter. It’s also the time of year when we indulge more,...

Jennifer Frye
December 25 2012

Meditation: 10 Tips On How to Do It And 5 Reasons Why You Should!

Meditation. If you believe leading research scientists, it's as close to a magic pill as we can get. Let's take a quick look at five reasons why...

Brian Johnson
December 1 2012

5 Tips to Get Your Toddler to Eat Healthy Food

Even though most toddlers may have been eating solid foods for months or maybe even a year or two (when does a toddler officially become a kid...

Danielle Malmquist
November 26 2012

Yoga for Fibromyalgia

Millions of people suffer from Fibromyalgia (FMS), but symptoms can vary wildly. Some report feeling flu-ish, others experience extreme sensitivity to...

Shanda Packard
November 24 2012

Meditation Helps You Realize Where You Are

“Meditation is the only intentional, systematic human activity which at bottom is about not trying to improve yourself or get anywhere else, but...

November 2 2012

How to Face Your Fears

It’s that spooky time of year when screens big and small are chock full of horror, homicide, blood, ghosts, creepy houses, and demons. It’s pure...

Janna Leyde
October 31 2012