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Why I Quit My Corporate Job To Become A Hypnotherapist

Forget what you've seen in the stage shows or the Hollywood movies and think about it this way: Hypnosis is simply meditation with a goal.

Grace Smith
January 21 2017

Be Your Own Alchemist + 4 Other Beauty Resolutions That Don't Involve Dieting

Here are 5 simple, and easy-to-stick-to intentions that will bring you back into alignment with who you really are—so you, too, can begin to start...

Fern Olivia
January 21 2017

How To Combat Distraction + Stay Mindful All Day Long

Overwhelmed and distracted, we let mindfulness slip away too often.

Christina Waters
January 17 2017

Beauty Starts On The Inside. Here's How To Be More Confident.

A yoga pose for confidence and inner strength. As you build you physical strength, your internal power grows.

Sara Quiriconi
January 9 2017

Beauty Resolutions Made Simple: How To Achieve Your Healthiest Skin In 2017

Training your skin is a bit like training a puppy: If you can stay calm and very consistent, your skin will learn how to behave itself.

Sarah Villafranco, M.D.
January 4 2017

New Year, New Skin Rituals? Here's How To Breathe New Energy Into Your Beauty Care

The ultimate rituals for skin care junkies who want to give something new a try.

Emma Mildon
January 1 2017

5 Crystals To Help You Manifest Your Best Year Yet

Add the ancient art of incorporating good vibes of the crystal variety into your day and life.

Emma Mildon
December 29 2016

Stop Trying To Slog Through Nietzsche. A Juicy Novel Can Sharpen Your Intellect, Too

New studies are showing that reading a novel can, in fact, transport you to a world beyond your own. (Definitely saw that coming, right?)

Dr. Mark Rubinstein
December 19 2016

I Stopped Wearing Makeup & Here's What Happened

I'm not against women who feel it necessary to wear makeup every day. I get it; I used to be one of them. It's really hard to step out of the house...

Chau Le
December 18 2016

13 Ways To Honor Your Grief This Holiday Season

Grief and loss can be more painful during the holiday season than any other time of year. Here's how to lovingly manage your emotions.

Tanja Pajevic
December 18 2016

The Simple Realization That Sparked My Sense Of Purpose

CrossFit champion and medical student Julie Foucher reflects on the importance of having a sense of purpose in this clip from #revitalize2016.

December 9 2016

How To Wake Up More Beautiful Every Morning

Six ways to get up in the morning beautifully and joyously.

Lindsay Cohn
December 6 2016

Alluring Aphrodisiac Rituals To Awaken Your Inner Goddess

If you're looking for an aphrodisiac, ignore your boudoir and instead peek inside your beauty cabinet.

Fern Olivia
November 6 2016

Your Brain Is A Muscle You Can Strengthen: Here's How

"Unlike cabbies in other cities, London cabbies are forced to learn thousands of street names and routes in order to pass a notoriously difficult...

Samantha Boardman, M.D.
November 1 2016