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Your Dog's Gut Health Matters More Than You Think: Here's What You Need To Know

Just like us, our dogs have a gastrointestinal microbiome that is connected to measures of overall health, like immunity, skin health, and vitality.

Devon Barrow
February 19

This May Be Exactly What Your Hand-Washing Routine Is Missing

Hand-washing is likely on the list of things you started doing a lot more of in 2020.

Alexandra Engler
January 3

Why Sustainability Needs To Start Centering The Planet's Microbiome

When it comes to fighting climate change, a ground-up approach is essential.

mbg editorial
December 10 2020

The Research Is In: The Skin Microbiome Is Even More Influential Than We Thought

Your skin's main function is to act as a barrier and it's time you started treating as such.

mbg editorial
December 10 2020

So You've Heard Of "Leaky Gut," But What About "Leaky Skin"? A Derm Explains

It's not so difficult to manage, and your skin will reward you with a glowing complexion.

Jason Wachob
December 2 2020

This One Hand-Washing Tip Can Keep Your Paws From Looking Scaly

What might've been a stellar hand-washing ritual in the summer months may need a tweak come crisper weather.

Jamie Schneider
November 29 2020