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8 Tricks To Help You Sit Less During The Day (Your Mental Health Depends On It)

Recent research shows sitting is detrimental to your mental well-being.

#Mental fitness #anxiety
Juanina Kocher
August 12 2021

I'm A Neuroscientist Psychiatrist & This Is Detrimental To Your Mental Health

So many of us make this mistake.

#anxiety #depression #Mental fitness
Daniel Amen, M.D.
August 5 2021

Study Suggests Sitting Down Can Be Detrimental To Mental Health

Luckily, there's a simple fix.

#Mental fitness #news
Sarah Regan
July 30 2021

This Fun Workout Could Have Major Mind & Body Benefits For Women Over 50

Maybe ABBA was onto something.

#Menopause #Mental fitness #healthy aging #news
Eliza Sullivan
July 29 2021

A Psychologist Shares 3 Crucial Mental Health Lessons To Learn From Simone Biles

It's crucial to know when to push through and when to step back.

#Mental fitness #anxiety

Anxious About Socializing Again? Try These 3 Tips From A Psychologist

First of all, your feelings are normal!

#anxiety #friendship #Mental fitness

3 Tips For Helping (Not Enabling) A Friend With Anxiety, From A Psychologist

For starters, give them space to express their feelings.

#anxiety #Mental fitness

Forget FOMO: 5 Healthy Reasons To Embrace The Joy Of Missing Out Right Now

"This last year and a half has shown me that life is precious, fleeting, and we never know what is going to happen."

#anxiety #Mental fitness

4 Eating Habits That Might Mess With Mental Well-Being + What To Do

You probably won't be totally surprised.

#Mental fitness #news #functional nutrition
Eliza Sullivan
June 15 2021

What Is Post-Pandemic Growth? A Neuroscientist On This Mental Health Phenomenon

This unique reaction to shared trauma will affect 10% of the population.

#anxiety #depression #COVID-19 #Mental fitness
Daniel Amen, M.D.
June 14 2021

A Natural Medicine: Doctors Share Their Favorite Ways To Spend Time Outdoors

Good things come when we step outside.

#environmentalism #plants #stress #Mental fitness
Emma Loewe
June 11 2021

I'm A Neuroscientist — These Are The Best Workouts For Anxiety, Depression & ADHD

Different exercises are better suited to different problems.

#anxiety #depression #yoga #hiit #Mental fitness
Sarah Regan
June 8 2021

This Subtle Sleep Shift May Lower The Risk Of Depression, Study Finds

For those who are more predisposed, try this subtle change.

#news #sleep #depression #Mental fitness
Abby Moore
June 4 2021

Looking For A New Therapist? 3 Expert Tips For Finding The Right Fit

Here's what's needed so you can feel comfortable to open up and share yourself.

#empowerment #Mental fitness