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Signs You Might Have A "Leaky Brain" + What To Do About It

It's easy to take for granted what a brilliant biological machine the brain is. This amazing organ manages every aspect of your body — from your...

What It's Really Like To Have OCD

I am sitting in a therapist’s office that smells of old wood and scented candles. The black leather couch is cold against my sweaty legs, which are...

Charlotte Lieberman
July 6 2015

Demi Lovato Launches A Mental Health Campaign To Help Combat Stigma

Since being diagnosed with bipolar disorder five years ago, Demi Lovato has never shied away from telling the world about her struggles. But before...

Emi Boscamp
May 29 2015

This Natural Therapy May Treat Depression Better Than Pharmaceuticals

We've long been familiar with the benefits of mindfulness meditation — including (but not limited to) improved productivity and focus, reduced anxiety...

Emi Boscamp
April 21 2015

Why "Am I Normal?" Is Not The Question To Ask Yourself

The summer after my freshman year in college, I landed my first job in mental health care. It was at a psychiatric hospital in western Connecticut,...

Dr. Leslie Carr
March 16 2015

For People With Depression, Time Literally Moves More Slowly

When you're depressed, literally and figuratively stuck in a dark place, with no desire to get out and experience the world, it feels like time is...

Emi Boscamp
March 12 2015

Smiley, The Blind Golden Retriever, Helps People With Disabilities

Despite having been born without eyes and raised in a puppy mill, Smiley the golden retriever lives up to his name.

Emi Boscamp
March 12 2015

What Your Skin Says About Your Mental Health

We're all very aware of how connected the mind is to the body (and vice versa). Meditating is likely just as important for your heart as physical...

Emi Boscamp
February 9 2015

Inflammation May Cause Depression, Scientists Say

Depression needs to be treated like a physical illness — not a mental disability. With "mental disability" comes a stigma of weakness. So it's...

Emi Boscamp
January 5 2015

The Jobs With The Highest (And Lowest) Depression Rates

Mondays are generally accepted as the worst day of the week. Your brain clings desperately to the snooze mode of the weekend, but you have to...

Emi Boscamp
December 22 2014

Study Finds 6% Of the World Is Addicted To The Internet

We all spend too many hours a day tangled in the Interwebs — reading uplifting articles our mothers sent us, watching funny videos our friends posted...

Emi Boscamp
December 19 2014

People With Social Anxiety Make A Better Impression Than They Think

Life with social anxiety is tough. Everyday interactions stress you out. Making friends feels like the most daunting task of all time. But even when...

Emi Boscamp
November 13 2014

Katy Perry Opens Up About Depression Following Divorce

When you think of Katy Perry, you probably think of an outrageous costume with bright, neon colors and a never-ending smile accented by a blinding...

Emi Boscamp
November 11 2014

Wayne Brady Opens Up About His Struggle With Depression (Video)

Comedian Wayne Brady may have a reputation as the goofy, happy-go-lucky guy who made us laugh on shows like Whose Line Is It Anyway? and How I Met...

Emi Boscamp
November 4 2014

I Have OCD, But I Don't Let It Control My Life

Approximately 2.2 million American adults suffer from some form of obsessive-compulsive disorder. The ways OCD manifests can vary greatly, and...

Rachel Finn
November 4 2014

I Struggled With Depression For Years. This Is How I Finally Healed

For years, I suffered from terrible depression. As a teenager, I realized I needed help. I was becoming more and more dysfunctional and thoughts of...

Padhia Avocado
September 17 2014

8 Natural Weapons To Fight Depression

After I was diagnosed with clinical depression at the tender age of 21, I was prescribed a regiment of antidepressants. The only problem was that they...

Lily Velez
August 29 2014

How To Effectively Deal With An Anxiety Disorder

It started slowly, so subtly that I wasn’t even sure what was going on. All I knew was that for some reason I couldn’t understand, in ninth grade, I...

Elizabeth Spevack
June 2 2014