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Want To Be Less Neurotic? Think More About Death

William James provided a nice little description of neurotic behavior: Imagine it's winter and you’ve woken up in an ice-cold room under a nice warm...

Paula Watkins, PhD
January 17 2014

I Was Just Diagnosed With A Mental Illness. Now What?

Though for some it may be a relief to finally receive a psychiatric diagnosis, that relief — if it exists — is usually mixed with anxiety and fear....

Esmé Weijun Wang
August 22 2013

How You Can Break Bad Habits & Heal Yourself

I often ask my yogis, “Do you ever find yourself doing something that (a) your parents did and you swore you never would, or (b) you thought you were...

Amber Shumake
May 20 2013

What It's Like to Have a Mentally Ill Sibling

Even though we recognized that our relationship was not like that of other siblings, we still tried to create some semblance of normalcy.

Rebecca Butler
December 18 2012