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Suicide-Related Internet Searches Spiked After '13 Reasons Why'

A new study is showing a significant increase in internet searches related to suicide in the days following the release of the series. But what does...

Jamison Monroe
August 2 2017

6 Things I Add To My Smoothie To Fight Brain Fog

Want greater mental clarity? Add this to your green smoothie.

A Neurologist On Ketone Drinks & What The Ketogenic Diet Can (Really) Do For Your Brain

"Recently I've been hearing a lot of questions about the ketogenic diet, and here's what I tell them."

4 Insanely Effective Ways To Sharpen Your Focus When You HAVE To Get Sh*t Done

Did you know the average human's attention span is shorter than a goldfish's? (Yikes.) Next time you really need to get sh*t done, try these...

Dan Scalco
June 22 2017

The Secret To Moving Through Any Crisis Is Deceptively Simple

"Our darkest moments are meant to bring awareness to the parts of us imprisoned by fear and out of alignment with our true purpose."

Kathryn Mitchem
June 16 2017

The Scientific Secret To Having Tons Of Energy Every Single Day

Tired all the time? Here's how to banish fatigue, according to science.

The Psychological Reason You Can't Declutter

Why do some of us have such a hard time getting rid of stuff?

H.G. McKinnis
June 3 2017
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10 Successful Women On The Best Mental Health Advice They've Ever Received

Here are the best pieces of mental health advice we’ve gathered from some of today’s leading female voices.

May 25 2017