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A Quick 1-Minute Meditation Trick You Can Do Anywhere

Renowned Vedic meditation teacher, mindbodygreen contributor and director of The Veda Center, Charlie Knoles, was a guest at this year's revitalize...

Charlie Knoles
August 9 2015

6 Signs You're Meditating All Wrong + What To Do Instead

To make sure we are reaping the true benefits of meditation, we first need to understand some of the most common mistakes people make when starting a...

Amanda Johnson
August 6 2015

4 Pro Tips To Make Meditation Easy

Editor's Note: Meditation teacher, author and mindbodygreen contributor Light Watkins, attended this year's revitalize event where he taught us a few...

Light Watkins
July 26 2015

7 Radical Ways To Reclaim Responsibility For Your Own Happiness

A recent Harris poll reported that only 33% of Americans describe themselves as being “very happy.”

Light Watkins
July 20 2015

6 Steps To Get Your Coworkers To Meditate With You

In one of my recent articles, I wrote a response to a man who complained about not being able to find a decent place to meditate in or around work. If...

Light Watkins
July 13 2015

A Guided Meditation To Open Your Sacral Chakra & Harness Your Sensuality

The seven chakras along the spinal column each hold a specific kind of energy, emotion, color and sound. We can use our yoga and meditation practices...

Hillary Wright
July 6 2015

The 5 Most Common Meditation Myths, Debunked (Video)

There was a time, maybe 20 years ago, when you could only purchase a yoga mat at a yoga studio. Nowadays, you can buy one at any Kmart, which is a...

Light Watkins
July 5 2015

A Quick Meditation To Balance Your Root Chakra & Ground You (Video)

To balance this chakra we must allow ourselves to release our sense of fear so we may become more stable and supported.

Hillary Wright
June 30 2015

How To Wake Up To Your Divine Potential Every Single Day

What if, every time you create something, you wake up that little piece of God inside of you?

Emily Fletcher
June 28 2015

A Mini-Guide For Anyone Who Wants To Start Meditating

The popularity of meditation is a wonderful thing. What could be better than a more peaceful and mindful planet!? But there's also a lot of confusion...

Paula Watkins, PhD
June 17 2015

7 Excuses People Make For Not Meditating (Is Yours On The List?)

Occasionally, we can all talk ourselves out of doing the very things that we know are good for us, whether it's eating clean, exercising, or staying...

Light Watkins
June 16 2015

8 Things I Wish Everyone Would Stop Saying About Meditation

Now that meditation is becoming more of a mainstream thing, there is a sea of confusion around many aspects of the practice.

Light Watkins
June 10 2015