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Why Meditating At Work Will Make You Better At Your Job

Taking a meditation break every day can do wonders for your brain and work ethic.

Dr. Julia Samton
March 23 2016

I Meditated For 365 Days Straight. Here's What Happened

A nonmeditator starts a meditation practice — and sticks with it for a year.

Cyrena Lee
March 2 2016

How I Meditate: Former Media Executive Tal Rabinowitz

This former LA-based media exec ditched the corporate ladder for a meditation studio.

Tal Rabinowitz
February 21 2016

What My Mindfulness Practice Looks Like: Gabrielle Bernstein

Self-proclaimed spirit junkie Gabrielle Bernstein shows us what her meditation practice looks like.

Gabrielle Bernstein
February 7 2016

How I Meditate: Biet Simkin Shares

Many of our readers want to meditate, but have a hard time fitting the practice into their days. Others are too intimidated to start. To make it a...

Biet Simkin
January 10 2016

3-Minute Mindful Practice To Start Your Day

Use this three-minute meditation to set a positive intention for your day, and even for the rest of the year if you're game! It will provide focus,...

Hillary Wright
January 1 2016

Can't Meditate? Try These 5 Mindful Practices Instead

If “omming” isn’t your thing, there are other ways to experience calm in your life.

Penny Shipway
December 25 2015

Here Are The 10 Types Of Meditators: Which One Are You?

As a meditation teacher, I’ve often marveled at how varied people’s meditation experiences are. For instance, there is the “The Strategic Meditator.”...

Light Watkins
December 23 2015

3 Fresh Tactics To Help You Deal With Family Stress

If you are heading home for the holidays, try the three tips below to avoid reverting back to old emotional patterns with your family.

Emily Fletcher
December 17 2015

7 Simple Meditation Techniques For First-Timers

Meditation seems to be more popular than ever. This is great news, as meditation does so much for the body, mind, and spirit. It can help to reduce...

Yogi Cameron
December 9 2015

7 Super Simple Tips For Anyone Who Is New To Meditating

Are you determined to teach yourself how to meditate and start a new daily routine? Good! There are countless benefits to a daily meditation practice,...

Light Watkins
November 15 2015

Yes, You Can Meditate With Your Eyes Open. Here's How

Hey you! Yes, you: the person who’s reading these words right now on the Internet. How many tabs do you have open right now? Are you presently...

Leslie Carr, PsyD
November 14 2015