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If You Want *Really* Soft Lips, Make Sure Your Lip Balm Has This

The formula you choose can mean all the difference between plush, velvety lips and even more flakes.

Jamie Schneider
3 days ago

This Hack Will Make Your Sheets Smell Freshly Washed Every Single Night

There's nothing quite like the feeling of slipping into freshly washed sheets.

Hannah Frye
August 5

This Powerhouse Ingredient Leaves Skin Hydrated — But Not Sticky

Have you ever tried to put on tight-fitting clothes right after applying body lotion?

Hannah Frye
August 2

Before You Even Think About Popping Your Pimples, Please Read This

If you want to quit popping your pimples once and for all, read this.

Hannah Frye
July 26

We Asked The Pros: Here's Exactly How To Fix Heat-Damaged Hair

If you've overdone it with the hot tools, join the club. Now it's time to fix it.

Hannah Frye
July 22

Keep This On Your Desk To Transform Your Workspace Into A Self-Care Sanctuary

Whether you work from home, in-office, or a bit of both—this is for you.

Hannah Frye
July 12

I'm An Eyebrow Expert — Here's How To Optimize Your Brows In 3 Steps

As the '90s showed us, eyebrow trends are not as forgiving as those in the fashion or makeup space.

Hannah Frye
July 1

If You're Dealing With Dark Spots On The Body, Look For This In Your Lotion

Not as many body care products prioritize dark spot treatment, yet hyperpigmentation can happen anywhere.

Hannah Frye
July 1

Run, Don't Walk: Here's A Hack To Make Any Lip Color Work For You In Seconds

While your favorite concealer or mascara may earn a permanent spot in your daily makeup lineup, lip colors are often more interchangeable.

Hannah Frye
June 28