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Meat Eater's Guide to Carbon (Infographic)

Our friends over at EWG just came out with this great chart detailing the carbon footprint of the most common proteins and veggies. Can you guess...

July 19 2011

Mario Batali to Have "Vegetable Butcher" in New Market

Mario Batali's veggie train just keeps on rolling. According to New York Magazine, Mario Batali's new NYC gourmet grocery store, Eataly, is a...

August 23 2010

Mario Batali Writing Vegetarian Cookbook

First, Mario Batali announced that all 14 of his restaurants were partaking in the Meatless Monday campaign. Then came the news that he lost 35 lbs...

Jason Wachob
August 13 2010

How Did Chef Mario Batali Lose 35 Pounds?

Celebrity chef, Mario Batali is looking a bit leaner these days as he's lost 35 pounds. So how did Mario lose weight?

July 5 2010

Mario Batali Goes Meatless on Mondays?!

Celebrity chef Mario Batali is known for loving meat (yes, that's sausage hanging around his neck), so it's definitely a surprise to read today that...

May 3 2010