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Lost and Found

Every time I go into the natural world, I am offered an opportunity to listen. The wind and water play the music, we all hear it, but who will listen?

Charlie Samos
June 8 2011

Announcing Our Wellness Directory!

We are happy to announce the latest addition to the MindBodyGreen family of properties -- our new Wellness Directory! Our goal is to help you discover...

June 1 2011

Wanderlust Giveaway - WINNER!

Remember our Facebook giveaway in which one lucky winner gets 2 free tickets to Wanderlust Yoga & Music Festival in California worth $900? Well, we...

May 29 2011

Yoga & Meditation Help Negotiations & Relationships

I'm a big fan of conscious entrepreneur and author, Chip Conley as his thoughts on psychology and personal growth in the workplace are second to none....

Jason Wachob
May 18 2011

My Yoga Practice Playlist: Andrea Marcum

For the longest time, I didn't use any music at all in my classroom. I found myself shouting like a coach and competing with the vocalists as I tried...

Andrea Marcum
May 13 2011

Cutest Mother's Day Yoga Video Ever

Cutest Mother's Day Yoga Video Ever

May 6 2011

Cinco De Mayo Guide to Chips and Guacamole

I love Mexican food because I absolutely love avocados, i.e. chips and guac. So in honor of Cinco de Mayo, here's yogi/foodie Kathryn Budig's famous...

Jason Wachob
May 5 2011

My Yoga Practice Playlist: Mandy Ingber

This is the playlist I will be using at my FREE Yogalosophy Workout at The Grove in LA on Wednesday, May 4th. I just love this mix, and every time I...

Mandy Ingber
April 29 2011

My Yoga Practice Playlist: Charlie Samos

My playlist for classes vary from good ol' rock & roll, to reggae and folk -- often beginning and ending with instrumental music from different...

Charlie Samos
April 22 2011

Q & A with Kimberly Fowler: One Tough Yogi

You could say that Kimberly Fowler is one tough yogi. She began her yoga practice after being hit by a car in the 1980s while in law school (and...

Jason Wachob
April 19 2011

Q & A with Rainbeau Mars: On Yoga & Ayurveda

Rainbeau Mars -- yes, that's her real name -- was born under a double rainbow in a teepee in the Ozarks. She was raised in Boulder, Colorado by her...

Jason Wachob
April 14 2011

6 Tips to Make Your Yoga Studio Greener

Yoga is, in essence, a green movement. Poses are named after animals, original yogis practiced outdoors, and then there's that whole idea of Ahimsa...

Bethany Eanes
April 13 2011

Q & A with Shiva Rea: On Yoga & Chakras

Raised by surfer parents in Hermosa Beach, California, Shiva Rea was a hardcore athlete as a kid (she played shortstop and point guard!) She soon fell...

Jason Wachob
April 5 2011

Ashley Albrand on Handstands 101

Ashley Albrand has been studying movement since she was five years old, and if you know her, you know that she's most comfortable when she's upside...

Jason Wachob
April 4 2011

My Yoga Practice Playlist: Ally Hamilton

My playlist at Yogis Anonymous is an eclectic and diverse mix, combining the funk with the flow and a little straight up rock & roll.

Ally Hamilton
April 1 2011

Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution Season 2 Sneak Peak

Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution Season 2 Sneak Peek

March 29 2011

Mad Men's January Jones - Yogi!

How does January Jones keep fit for her role as 'Betty Draper' on Mad Men? Yoga! January was spotted leaving yoga class in Los Angeles yesterday in...

March 23 2011