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Want To Nail An At-Home Mani? Here Are 3 Things *Not* To Do

"Go big or go home."

#Nails #diy beauty #Like A Pro
Hannah Frye
October 20 2022

Do This Once A Week For Seriously Glowing Skin, Says A Top Esthetician

Read on and get ready to say ahhh.

#skin care #acne #hydration #Like A Pro
Jamie Schneider
October 13 2022

How To Start Using Retinol The *Right* Way, From A Dermatologist

Here, a retinol crash course.

#Like A Pro #skin care #healthy aging #acne
Hannah Frye
October 6 2022

I'm An Allergist & Immunologist: These Habits Are Secretly Irritating Your Skin

Ever slathered on the most gentle formula you can find only to have an angry reaction days later?

#skin care #inflammation #Like A Pro
Jamie Schneider
September 29 2022

How To Create Effortless, Natural-Looking Waves, From A Celeb Stylist

Even if summer is over, beachy waves are here to stay.

#Like A Pro #hair
Hannah Frye
September 22 2022

A Derm's 3 Must-Have Tips To Secure Bright, Dewy Skin Year-Round

Radiant, supple skin knows no season.

#Like A Pro #skin care #hydration
Jamie Schneider
September 15 2022

How To Curl Your Hair And Actually Make It Last, From A Pro Stylist

Sick of putting time into curls that fall in an hour? Read this.

#hair #Like A Pro
Hannah Frye
September 8 2022

Where To Save & Splurge On Skin Care, From A Cosmetic Chemist

Skin care can be expensive—here's what you need to know.

#skin care #Like A Pro
Hannah Frye
September 4 2022

I'm A Celebrity Colorist & This One Mistake Will Wreck Color-Treated Hair

Craving a new color for fall?

#hair #Like A Pro
Jamie Schneider
September 1 2022

I'm A Cosmetic Chemist & This Is How You Actually Spot A True Dupe Product

Not every product is dupe-able.

#skin care #Like A Pro
Hannah Frye
August 25 2022

A Celeb Esthetician Shares 3 Tips To Maximize The Benefits Of A Facial

So you can get the most bang for your buck.

#skin care #Like A Pro
Jamie Schneider
August 18 2022

3 Things I Would Never Do To My Teeth After Working As A Dental Hygienist

Because oral health isn't talked about enough.

#Like A Pro #Oral health
Hannah Frye
August 12 2022

Joanna Vargas Swears By These Tips For A Red-Carpet-Ready Glow

She's known for prepping many an A-lister.

#skin care #hydration #Antioxidant #Like A Pro
Jamie Schneider
August 4 2022

Makeup That Survives The Heat: How To Make Your Look Last, From A Pro

If you find yourself redoing your makeup halfway through these hot and sticky summer days, you're not alone.

#makeup #Like A Pro
Hannah Frye
July 26 2022

I'm a Celebrity Makeup Artist & I Wish People Knew These 3 Tricks

Read on for insider tips & tricks.

#makeup #Like A Pro
Hannah Frye
July 22 2022

3 Nonnegotiable Skin Care Staples For Those In Their 20s, From A Doctor

Check these off the list for a glowing complexion for years to come.

#skin care #healthy aging #Like A Pro
Hannah Frye
July 21 2022

The Shocking Makeup Mistake That Can Cause Dry Eyes, From An Ophthalmologist

Don't make this mistake.

#makeup #eye health #Like A Pro
Jamie Schneider
July 15 2022

A Top Hairstylist Says Do This To Eliminate Summer Frizz In Seconds

Summer frizz takes no prisoners.

#hair #Like A Pro
Jamie Schneider
July 8 2022

I'm An Eyebrow Expert — Here's How To Optimize Your Brows In 3 Steps

As the '90s showed us, eyebrow trends are not as forgiving as those in the fashion or makeup space.

#hair #makeup #mbgpersonalcare #Like A Pro
Hannah Frye
July 1 2022

Chlorine & Saltwater Can Damage Your Hair — Here's How To Prevent That

Say goodbye to crunchy, dry hair post-swim.

#hair #swimming #Like A Pro
Hannah Frye
June 1 2022