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Is Porn Really Bad For Relationships? Here's What The Research Actually Says

Many people watch porn without any negative effects on their relationship.

Kelly Gonsalves
November 10 2016

How Porn ACTUALLY Affects Your Sex Life

"Blaming porn for your intimacy issues is a cop-out."

Psalm Isadora
October 14 2016

Everything You Need To Know About The Sacred Art Of Tantric Masturbation

It's way more spiritual, explorative, and mindful than the average wank.

Gabrielle Kassel
July 28 2016

The Guide To Tantric Yoni Massage (aka How To Have Multiple Orgasms)

This is especially helpful for anyone who struggles with having orgasms.

Psalm Isadora
June 3 2016

How Your Hormones Really Affect Your Sex Drive + What To Do About It

I consider sex drive to be the canary in the coal mine of overall physical and mental health. But few understand that the root cause is hormonal—not...

Sara Gottfried, M.D.
April 12 2016

Masturbation For Self-Care: How To Make Masturbation Feel Way Better

Whether you're in a relationship or single, enjoying your body for your own sake can help you reconnect with your internal sensuality and capacity for...

Alexandra Jamieson
February 12 2016

A Beginner's Guide To Tantric Sex (In Case You've Been Curious...)

Craving deeper, more connected sex—and heightened sensations? Try tantra.

Leslie Grace, R.N.
January 18 2016

15 Ways To Consistently Make Your Wife Happy

Or, you know, something to pass along to your husbands...

Georgina Berbari
December 22 2015

5 Signs Your Friends With Benefits Relationship Isn't Working

An FWB is a sexual partner who wants gratification without strings attached. To be clear, these two people aren’t dating, going to dinner, or meeting...

Monica Parikh
December 4 2015

Why You Should Add Masturbation To Your Morning (Or Evening) Routine

Here are a few of the major reasons you should be getting down with yourself more often.

Sarah Williams
September 26 2015

This Daily Habit Can Give You The Same Effects As Masturbation

Could meditation be a viable replacement for masturbation?

Light Watkins
September 24 2015

How To Tell Your Partner You Want An Open Relationship

Here's how to have this difficult conversation.

Gracie X
September 10 2015

Why My Husband & I Sometimes Have Sex With Other People

Compersion is such a novel concept that you won’t even find the word in the dictionary.

Gracie X
July 8 2015

Why Does Sex Tend To Decrease In Long-Term Relationships?

Let's talk about what really happens to desire in long-term relationships.

Kelly Gonsalves
May 16 2015