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How To Let Go Of Things That Don't Serve You

As I approach my 40th year in this life of mine, I find myself reflecting on past circumstances more than ever before. I have found, when I really dig...

Michelle Bland
October 25 2013

What To Do When Yoga & Meditation Don't Work

We’ve all been there, right? Smack in the middle of yoga class, doing your best version of a downward dog, when a stream of stress floods your brain:

Jamie Greenwood
October 2 2013

Are You Trying Too Hard To Manifest Your Dream Life?

How many times have you tried to strong-arm your will, only to discover your efforts didn’t help you anyway?

Lissa Rankin, M.D.
September 16 2013

Manage Your Triggers, Manage Your Life

I'm sure most of you have heard the word trigger from time to time. It's an emotional event that rapidly sets off a chain reaction and causes you to...

Jeff Cannon
July 16 2013

Is This Yoga?

Yoga isn't longingly bending forward, forcefully reaching for the ground or grasping behind your calves. Yoga is letting go, surrendering to your...

Jaime Posa
July 4 2013

A Mini Guide To Modern Meditation & Letting Go

Meditation has always meandered the line between physical and spiritual. While detachment can be a nice idea, it usually only lasts until the rent is...

Jeff Cannon
June 2 2013

Why You Don’t Need A Life Purpose

A few years ago, a friend invited me to attended a yoga retreat called “Finding Your Life Purpose.” I thought wow this is going to be great I’ll have...

Cortney Harden
May 6 2013

5 Lessons From My (So Far) Awkward 20s

I’m 27 and the only thing I know for sure about life is that it's a roller coaster! I’m in this awkward phase of trying to figure out who I am and...

Stefani Beckerman
March 25 2013

8 Tips To Deal With People Who Drive You Bananas

In the ideal world (like the one in my imagination) there is no aggression or nastiness. Everyone is fair and kind and love is the driving force,...

Louise Jensen
March 24 2013

Please Do Not Attach Your Self-Worth To A Yoga Pose!

I see it everyday: beautiful people, strong people, intelligent people who get frustrated by their inability to achieve a certain pose, usually an arm...

Rebecca Butler
February 22 2013

Forgive Yourself

Forgiveness is typically defined as the process of concluding resentment, indignation or anger as a result of a perceived offense, difference or...

Jennifer Pastiloff
February 6 2013

5 F-Words For Women Facing 50

While standing in front of the bathroom mirror one morning, detangling my hair after a shower, I stopped to take a good, long look at my face.

Natalie Dunbar
January 31 2013

How To See Clearly During Your Most Challenging Times

We hear it over and over again that the only thing constant is change, so why do we have such a hard time embracing it?

Karen Sherwood
January 7 2013

Is It Time To Marry Yourself?

Once upon a time, I believed that all aspects of my life would fall into place if I committed myself to personal growth.

Tarra Christoff
January 3 2013

How I Learned to Let Go and Love Meditation

Recently, a close friend of mine asked me about meditation. He knows I practice yoga and mediation and was picking my brain to find out a little bit...

Jonathan Creamer
December 19 2012

5 Ways to Go to Work with a Smile on Your Face

A recent study found that 75% of the workforce considers themselves "job seekers," which suggests that a whopping three-quarters of us experience some...

Abby Mackey
December 17 2012

Let Go of Detrimental Habits

We all have habits, most of the time we know what our habits are, and sometimes we can rely on our friends or family to point them out to us!

Caroline Rushforth
December 16 2012

How Yoga Can Make You a Better Entrepreneur

I had settled into a consistent yogic routine for only a little over a year when I left the corporate life and ventured out into the uncertainty of...

Karen Sahetya
December 15 2012