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6 Powerful Ways CrossFit Changes Lives

By now, we’ve all heard the negatives that seem to accompany CrossFit: it’s dangerous, it leads to injury, it makes you bulk up … but what about the...

Kristi Hrivnak
March 26 2014

5 Signs It's Time To Let Go Of A Toxic Friendship

Last night I was due to have a meal out with one of my oldest friends. As our time to meet drew closer, I got a nervous feeling in my stomach. Was I...

Louise Jensen
March 6 2014

6 Signs Your Life Is Total Chaos + How To Restore Balance

Inner chaos can take many forms in our outer lives, including burnout, health problems, financial distress, and relationship issues. The most...

Tonya Sheridan
March 4 2014

Want To Beat Heart Disease? Deal With Your Emotional Issues

While almost every cardiologist understands the importance of lifestyle changes, very few of us address an essential component for heart health.

5 Ways You Sabotage Your Ability To Meditate

I have meditated on buses when the body odors around me were overpowering. I have meditated in bed with tissues, completely thrown by a cold.

Courtney Sunday
January 24 2014

How To Let Go Of Things That Don't Serve You

As I approach my 40th year in this life of mine, I find myself reflecting on past circumstances more than ever before. I have found, when I really dig...

Michelle Bland
October 25 2013

Are You Trying Too Hard To Manifest Your Dream Life?

How many times have you tried to strong-arm your will, only to discover your efforts didn’t help you anyway?

Lissa Rankin, M.D.
September 16 2013

A Mini Guide To Modern Meditation & Letting Go

While enlightenment is a beautiful thought, it can get lost in the 24/7 shuffle that is modern life.

Jeff Cannon
June 2 2013

Why You Don’t Need A Life Purpose

Apparently this ‘finding your purpose’ is all the rage these days.

Cortney Harden
May 6 2013

How Yoga Can Make You a Better Entrepreneur

You have to be able to create value for others, understand your consumer and consistently deliver value to them.

Karen Sahetya
December 15 2012

My Yoga Has No Plot

Stories must unfold. Plots don’t always work

Janna Leyde
December 5 2012

10 Ways to Become Your Most Badass Self

When you feel uninspired, sad, confused, tighten the S-Link and you will empower yourself.

Stefani Beckerman
December 4 2012

Sleep On Your Back: Why You Won't Be Pain-Free Until You Do

If you're not sleeping on your back, then no amount of massage or physical therapy or chiropractic work will make your pain go away.

Becca Kocher
December 4 2012

What I Wish I'd Known About Yoga Teacher Training Before I Started

I'll never regret taking on teacher training, but if I could go back in time, I would certainly give myself some advice!

Alison Clare Skillen
November 28 2012

8 Ways to Be Brave

Want to boost your confidence, but aren't sure where to start?

Andrea Speir
November 19 2012

Do Material Objects Control You? 6 Ways to Know

When following the eight-fold path of yoga, we encounter the yama Aparighraha, which can be translated as “non hoarding, non...

Lisa Mitchell
October 22 2012