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Celebrate The Winter Solstice With A Sunset Ceremony

This year in the northern hemisphere, today marks the Winter Solstice.

Kaia Roman
December 21 2014

The 5 Paths To Discovering Your Dharma

You can adopt one or all of the following.

December 20 2014

5 Yoga Philosophies For Inner Peace & Goodwill To All

This time of year everyone seems to be talking about resolutions and how to keep off those extra pounds.

Samantha Rose
December 14 2014

I Threw My Scale In The Trash & I've Never Felt Better About Myself

My name is Andrea, I'm a holistic health and business coach, and I haven't weighed myself in over a year.

Andrea Hood
December 12 2014

Can't Get No Satisfaction? Actually, You Can

When I quit my corporate job and started working for myself, I thought my life would be perfect.

Allison Dryja
December 11 2014

6 Simple Meditation Techniques For "Real People"

When it comes to developing a practice, most people seem to think they are too busy, are unable to sit still, or can't quiet their mind long enough to...

Lisa Cosmillo
December 4 2014

The Rules Of Dating For Yogis (And Other Humans)

A few years ago, I went on a date with a guy who travels around the country and gives talks and interviews about compassion and kindness. He's written...

Ally Hamilton
December 3 2014

Conversations With The Divine: Wisdom Gained From Lucid Dreaming

I started writing my book, The Conversation after experiencing a series of lucid dreams while on the Greek island of Ithaca. These dreams opened me up...

Jeff Cannon
December 3 2014

A Few Quick Ways To Infuse Meditation Into Your Daily Life

Meditation can have profound effects on the quality of your life, your happiness, and the way you view stress.

Dr. Michele Burklund
November 18 2014

7 Steps To Invite Synchronicity Into Your Life

Have you ever met someone one day and then randomly bumped into them soon thereafter? Or even seen a word that answers a question you've been...

David Starlyte
November 15 2014

How I Retrained My Yoga Body & Mind To Love Running

For as long as I could remember, I told myself: I'm not a runner, I can't do that, I don't like it and I never will.

Melissa Paz
November 3 2014

How To Know When It's Time To Give Up On A Dream

Sometimes, when things seem to be falling apart, life is actually falling into place. When it comes to dreams and life plans, moving forward can...

Shannon Kaiser
October 29 2014

How A 90s Sitcom Can Help You Overcome Procrastination

I'm a procrastinator. Maybe you are, too. While some of us tend to procrastinate more than others, we can all identify with putting things off to the...

Jennifer Grace
October 24 2014

Sometimes, The Bravest Thing You Can Do Is Give Up

So often we see metaphors of war used to explain strength. We "battle" illness, we "conquer" challenges and we "vanquish the enemy," be it PMS, breast...

Dr. Suzanne Gilberg-Lenz
October 22 2014

The 3 Questions I Always Get From People Who Want To Be Happier

For the past decade I've been writing self-help books and preaching the "Gospel of Gabby" to lecture audiences around the world.

Gabrielle Bernstein
October 16 2014

5 Things People Living Their Purpose Do Differently

The goal of finding a purpose is a pretty common one these days.

Caroline Zwickson, M.A.
September 27 2014