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Why Lady Gaga Is Our Mental Health Hero

The face-time with Prince William wasn't the first time Lady Gaga opened up about mental health.

Lindsay Kellner
April 26 2017

Lady Gaga's Powerful New Tattoo Is A Testament To Sexual Assault Survivors

The tattoo combines the universal sign of unity with a rose on fire into a symbol of solidarity and strength.

Emma Loewe
March 5 2016

Lady Gaga's Family Didn't Know About Her Rape Until Her Oscars Performance

The day after her Oscars performance, she got a phone call from her grandmother and aunt, who both hadn't heard her story.

Emi Boscamp
March 2 2016

Lady Gaga Goes Gluten-Free

That's right, rock-star and yogi, Lady Gaga, has gone gluten-free...

August 22 2012

10 Life Changing Tips Inspired By Deepak Chopra

He practices meditation with P Diddy, does yoga with Tara Stiles, and hangs out with Lady Gaga. Here are ten life changing tips inspired from quotes...

Robert Piper
June 1 2012

Lady Gaga's Secret to Success Is Yoga

Lady Gaga is one of the most successful women in the world today. Is yoga her secret to success?

February 1 2012

Lady Gaga: On Running Around Naked, Yoga & Surfing

Lady Gaga attributes her body confidence to yoga and dancing, and uses surfing as a metaphor for life in the recent issue of Harper's Bazaar. Gaga...

September 7 2011

Lady Gaga Still Hits the Mat on Global Tour

Practicing yoga while traveling is always a challenge. (Enter the 'Trifecta of Airport Asanas'). But imagine how hard it must be if you were in the...

July 5 2011

Lady Gaga Going Gaga for Yoga?

First Lady Gaga tweeted about going for some power yoga in Cleveland, and just yesterday she was spotted at a Bikram yoga studio in Washington DC. So...

September 9 2010

Lady Gaga Rocks Power Yoga!

According to her Twitter update, it appears that Lady Gaga is ready to rock some power yoga and "get hot!" The real question, however, is can she wear...

July 22 2010

Lady Gaga Works Out with Tracy Anderson...in Heels

Celebrity trainer Tracy Andersen has trained Gwyneth Paltrow, Madonna, Jennifer Aniston, and now Lady Gaga...in heels!

July 9 2010