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4 Ways You Can Serve Others

How may I serve? When I first heard Wayne Dyer ask this question I wanted to throw my fist up to the heavens and scream No! No! No! I was still...

Jennifer Pastiloff
August 26 2012

4 Inspirational Quotes for When You Need 'Em

If you’re ever in a rut or find yourself generally bored with life, I’d highly recommend you collect some inspirational quotes. And write them down.

Alanna Gilbert
August 26 2012

How to Be a Kinder & More Loving Person

Have you ever yelled at someone you love? Ever been upset or unhappy with yourself? Ever gotten irritated with a perfect stranger (think: cab driver,...

Roxy Bargoz
August 23 2012

6 Ways to Make Someone's Day

Have you ever noticed how good you feel just by making someone else feel good? Maybe that’s the reason we do it. Maybe it’s because you really feel a...

Terry Sobon
August 23 2012

Why You Should Practice Random Acts of Kindness

Have you ever experienced a random act of kindness from a stranger or an anonymous source? Do you remember how it made you feel? I have been blessed...

Sara Courter
August 17 2012

Why Being Kind to Yourself Is the Key to Wellness

I've never been what you might call a "fitness aficionado." In high school, when we had to complete the mile for gym class, I wore flip flops and...

Sarah Sturgis
August 13 2012

5 Reasons to Be Honest in Love

Recently a friend of a friend called me “fake” for still working on—and struggling—with some of the subject matter of my blogs. For the record, I’m...

Jennifer White
August 12 2012

Living Don Miguel Ruiz's Five Agreements

"By practicing the Five Agreements, what you are really doing is respecting everything in creation. You are respecting your dream; you are respecting...

Lisa Mitchell
August 11 2012

In Relationships Are You a Giver or a Taker?

Too often relationships are seen as the long hoped-for source of happiness and joy. The thinking goes along the lines of: "Only when I have found 'the...

Jillian Lavender
August 10 2012

3 Ways to Find Your Inner Child

The inner child is that part of you who wants to play; who wants to dance and rock out to the music; who wants to lie in the sun and just be.

Jia Ni Teo
August 9 2012

10 Ways to Practice Yoga (in Life) Without Practicing Yoga (on a Mat)

My husband practices yoga, but he doesn't realize it. While on our honeymoon in Bali, I dragged my husband to a yoga class, and let's just say it...

Roxy Bargoz
August 9 2012

5 Tips for Creating the Life of Your Dreams

Like many people, I struggled through my earlier years in life. I had never heard of the law of attraction, I had no idea what a huge impact my...

Allen Jordan
August 8 2012

3 Tips for Attracting Big Love Into Your Life

Two things are true for every person in this world: We are all born, and we will all die. When it comes to the end of our life, we will not look back...

Shannon Kaiser
August 6 2012

6 Ways to Handle Criticism Better

Do you like being criticized? Do any of the below situations sound familiar?

Merja Willock
August 2 2012

18 Ways to Be Romantic

In celebration of dating my husband for 18 years, here’s a list of 18 ways to be romantic.

Jennifer White
August 1 2012

5 Ways to Shift Your Perspective

I recently came across this story in The Art of Happiness, inspired by the Dalai Lama:

Sherrie Nguyen
August 1 2012

4 Ways to Take Yoga Off the Mat & Into Your Heart

All of us reading this article have probably practiced yoga, right? We have moved through practice with our bodies, minds, and hearts. We have felt...

Jo Beth Richards
July 26 2012

5 Reasons to Go On a Complaint-Free Diet

Gluten-free, Lactose-free, Low-Carb, Fat-Free, MSG-Free. For a long while I spent more time on my physical diet and didn’t give much consideration to...

Silvia Mordini
July 25 2012