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Class Of 2015: You Have To Hear This Inspirational Speech From Kid President

For all those graduating from high school, college, grad school — wherever — a pep talk is necessary now more than ever. So if your commencement...

Emi Boscamp
May 11 2015

5 Things That Make Summer Awesome

Who doesn't love summer, right? Kid President shares his favorite things about summertime, which will surely make you smile!

May 26 2014

How To Change The World (A Work In Progress)

"The world is changed by ordinary people. Little people living out big love,", says Kid President, in the latest heartwarming and funny...

December 19 2013

The Perfect Gift Is Something That Makes The World Better

Kid President is back at it with his holiday gift guide and he's got a philanthropic spin. What do you think?

December 5 2013

20 Things We Should Say More Often

Whether you need to restore your faith in humanity or just smile today, this video from Kid President is sure to do the trick. If you're still in need...

November 22 2013

The Best Pep Talk You'll Get All Day

Are you smiling right now? If not, this inspirational video from SoulPancake should fix that.

January 28 2013