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How To Make Green Juice Without A Juicer

If your digestion needs a break from all the cookies, cakes, and heavy dinners in this holiday season, make this green juice for a zingy pick-me-up....

Kate Gavlick
November 15 2014

Warming Fall Kale Salad With Sriracha Vinaigrette

This fall kale salad keeps your body warm with grounding sweet potatoes and spicy sriracha vinaigrette. Fall produce like kale and onions help boost...

Andrea Hood
October 13 2014

Not Into Kale? This Recipe Might Change Your Mind

We all know kale is an amazing nutrient dense vegetable. However, I've often heard people say that its bitter taste and hard, chewy texture makes it...

Binny Liu
October 8 2014

3 Salad Recipes From The Best Macrobiotic Café In LA

M Café de Chaya is one of the best go-to, healthy lunch spots in LA, with locations in Hollywood, Beverly Hills and now Brentwood. From the classic M...

October 7 2014

Do Your Body Good With This Green Juice!

This juice is a bestseller at my cafe. It's also the workhorse of our cleanse program — full of healthy, green vegetables and packed with vitamins,...

Melvin Major, Jr.
September 29 2014

10 Tips To Become Your Fittest Self

Do you want to become as fit as you possibly can? Doing 100 sit-ups won't make that happen! Understanding the link between body fat and cortisol...

Jennifer Cohen
September 15 2014

Wakame, Kale & Avocado Salad With Orange Dressing

What an amazing, easy-to-make, vibrant salad! I felt so indulgent and satisfied eating it. When you put some effort into what goes into your body and...

Nicola Reilly
August 27 2014

A Green Smoothie With A Ginger Kick

Green smoothies are an excellent way to add more dark leafy greens to your diet.

Osha Key
August 25 2014

8 Foods To Help You Lose Weight Naturally

Have you ever wished that there was a magic pill for natural weight loss? If you have, I can totally relate, as I spent many years looking for one...

Katrina Love Senn
August 13 2014

Why People Don't Lose Weight: 5 Common Mistakes

Despite years of careful dieting, meal planning and countless hours spent shopping for "all natural" or "fat-free" foods, many still struggle with...

JJ Virgin, CNS
August 7 2014

The Great Kale Shortage: We'll All Be OK

If you feel like you devour kale by the bushel — in salads, in smoothies, as kale chips and in sandwiches — then you were likely as upset as we were...

July 25 2014

Stay Hydrated This Summer With This Watermelon Green Juice

This watermelon juice has loads of fresh, hydrating greens like cucumber, romaine lettuce, and celery, not to mention our superfood friend, kale!...

Andrea Hood
July 19 2014

Perfect Weekday Lunch: Kale-Avocado Wrap With Dijon Dressing

This super simple wrap is easy to make and great to bring for lunch to work or school! It's filled with kale, cucumbers, avocados and a homemade...

Anna Gannon
July 3 2014

A Major League Ballpark That Grows Its Own Fresh Fruits & Veggies!

Baseball and fresh produce are two hallmarks of a summer well spent. Now, thanks to AT&T Park, home to the San Francisco Giants, you can enjoy both in...

June 30 2014

Creamy Quinoa, Kale & Almond Milk Smoothie

If you're after a sugar-free, fruit free, high-fiber, nutrient-dense, protein-packed, super hydrating green smoothie that still manages to taste...

Shannon Flavell
June 27 2014

Perfect Weekday Dinner: Lemon Garlic Noodles With Greens

Summer is officially here and we couldn't be more excited!

Anna Gannon
June 24 2014

7 Tricks To Take Your Green Smoothies To The Next Level

There's no shortage of information out there on the health benefits of drinking green smoothies. They give you a huge amount of nutritional bang for...

Talia Pollock
June 4 2014