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How To Survive & Thrive In Any New Environment

Have you recently adopted a new city, switched careers, or moved across town? If yes, you may be experiencing a nagging sense that the high you're on...

Lindsay Wrinn, M.A.
September 12 2013

Get All Of Ginger's Healing Benefits With These Amazing Recipes!

I used to see ginger at the grocery store and wonder who would buy it and what exactly they would do with it. Now that I know the benefits, and how...

Michelle Bland
September 10 2013

Liver-Detoxifying Green Juice Recipe

Keeping your liver in tip-top shape is so important to keep your body functioning properly.

Andrea Hood
September 3 2013

Minty-Melon Morning Green Juice Recipe

Say goodbye to caffeine and hello to your new morning beverage.

Andrea Hood
August 30 2013

6 Steps To Make Your Juicing Habit Stick

One certainty in my health coaching program is that I introduce homemade juicing to each and every client. I've seen positive results and garnered...

Elaine Lee
August 20 2013

Juicing: The Single Best Change I Made For My Health

As I was scrolling through my emails recently, I came across one that piqued my interest. It was short and direct: 

Quentin Vennie
August 14 2013

Bottoms Up! Why You Should Grab Your Greens & Juice

In juicing, we often get two hardline positions: (1) the hardcore juicers who believe that fresh juices are the only answer to health, and (2) the...

Claudia Richey
August 3 2013

The Case Against Juicing

It seems like green juice has become synonymous with health. And if there were ever a sign of an exploding industry, it would have to be the fact that...

Robin Berzin, M.D.
July 9 2013

Juicing Vs. Blending (Infographic)

We love this infographic on Juicing Vs. Blending from MBG wellness expert, Kris Carr! (And if you're ready to get your green drink on, Kris has tons...

July 3 2013

How To Make Crazy Sexy Green Juice! (Infographic)

Check out our friend, Kris Carr's, Crazy Sexy Green Juice Formula!

June 26 2013

The Ultimate Beet Juice Recipe

Beets are an affordable natural multivitamin, and are filled with disease-fighting and anti-inflammatory benefits. The bright purple color means...

Julie Arnold
June 24 2013

5 Unexpected & Awesome Benefits Of Doing A Cleanse

If you're living amongst us in this increasingly toxic world, then it’s probably a good idea to do a cleanse once or twice a year. Doing a detox is...

Annaliisa Kapp
June 9 2013

How Divorce & Cancer Brought Me To Juicing

I cannot begin to tell you how good I feel when I drink green smoothies, then always wonder why it took me so long to get to this "healing" point....

Sue Ansari
June 8 2013

How To Make Yummy, Sugar-Free Juices

There’s something about drinking a green juice that makes my body vibrate on a higher level and the whole world seems to glow a little bit brighter...

Claire Ragozzino
June 7 2013

The Green Juice That Saved Me From Migraines (Recipe)

I’ve received an overwhelming response to my previous MindBodyGreen articles The Day I Ditched Pills for Green Juice and How Juicing Changed My Life....

Quentin Vennie
June 6 2013

How Juicing Changed My Life

Not only am I an avid juicer, but I’m an advocate, teaching others how to properly introduce juicing into their lives.

Quentin Vennie
May 30 2013

Do You REALLY Need To Go On A Juice Fast?

Juice fasting has become trendy, with whole offices undertaking group cleanses, and juice shops constantly posting photos of the latest celebrity to...

Maria Marlowe
May 28 2013

The Perfect Ayurvedic Smoothie Recipe

I love Ayurvedic principles. One concept of Ayurveda is that there are six tastes: pungent, sour, sweet, salty, bitter and astringent. According to...

Kristina Beck
May 24 2013