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This Is What Consciousness Actually Means

Do you know what motivates you?

November 16 2016

3 Exercises To Strengthen Your Intuition

Here, Jill Willard's three simple tips to accelerate your intuition and tap into your subconscious. ​

October 23 2016

Sage Business Advice For Entrepreneurs From The Former CEO Of Coach

It's valuable advice for anyone thinking of starting their own business.

October 9 2016

Looking To Become More Spiritual? Take A Vacation

Our souls always give us the direct route — the quickest path to expansion and joy.

Bree Melanson
October 2 2016

How To Know If You're Ignoring Your Intuition: A Psychic Explains

"If you aren't in touch with your intuition, you can't live at your highest potential."

Tanya Carroll Richardson
September 26 2016

I Used My Intuition To Handle Heartache & Find My Life Path. Here's How You Can Use Yours

As a young child, Jill Willard knew she had the ability to see the future. However, her journey to come out as an intuitive certainly wasn't an easy...

September 21 2016

This Psychiatrist Believes In Past Lives & Out-Of-Body Experiences: Here's Why

rom opening your mind to the connection between the physical and spiritual realms to harnessing your innate power, this talk will help you understand...

September 21 2016

The Moment I Knew I Was A Psychic

"The universe is full of surprises, even for a psychic like me."

MaryAnn DiMarco
September 21 2016

How To Distinguish Intuition From Self-Doubt

Intuition feels like a trusted friend: calm, kind, and nonjudgmental.

Jill Willard
September 15 2016

6 Ways To Reach Your Full Potential: A Professional Intuitive Explains

"Some things cannot be, and were never meant to be, fully understood — just felt."

Tanya Carroll Richardson
August 22 2016

12 Practical Tools To Help You Access Your Intuition

Be on the lookout for clues on the scavenger hunt of life.

Lissa Rankin, M.D.
August 6 2016

5 Ways To Hone Your Intuition + Become A Magnet For Abundance

We all have the gift of intuition; we just have to learn to listen to it.

Melissa Ambrosini
August 5 2016

How To Tell The Difference Between Fear & Intuition

Our ability to manifest is powerful enough that if we believe in our fears, they become our reality. The more this happens, the more evidence we build...

Katie Tyson
July 11 2016

Signs You're An Intuitive & Don't Know It

For those of you who constantly have those "I totally saw this coming" moments.

Lissa Rankin, M.D.
July 1 2016

6 Ways To Improve Your Attitude (Even When You're Grumpy)

Allow yourself to feel whatever emotion or thought you’ve been resisting.

Why You Should Listen To Your Gut, Every Time

There are so many times where my gut, not my head, has led my decision making, life choices, and business development. My gut, in essence, has built...

Taz Bhatia, M.D.
May 3 2016

Is Spiritual Telepathy The New Manifestation?

I knew that it was possible to receive spontaneous guidance from the soul. But, as I’ve learned, we can also build a direct line of communication to...

Colleen Mauro
March 31 2016