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5 Ways To Have A Spiritual New Year's Eve

The end of the year can remind us to pause and reflect. It's an opportunity to recall any lessons learned from the past year, check off any goals we...

Rucha Tadwalkar
December 27 2013

7 Simple Steps To Make 2014 Your Best Year Yet

It’s hard to believe that it’s already goal-planning time again, but it is. I’m soon leading a goal-planning session at my studio, so I thought I’d...

Rebecca Butler
December 27 2013

Instead Of Making A New Year's Resolution, Try This

Let’s get one thing clear: I'm not against New Year’s Resolutions. It’s just that I’ve found something better. There’s an almost sacred symbolism...

Paula Watkins, PhD
December 22 2013

A Firekeeping Practice: Tending The Heart Fire On The Winter Solstice

At winter solstice, the darkest point of the year, light begins its journey of reemergence. This great cosmological rhythm sets our internal clocks,...

Shiva Rea
December 21 2013

Out-Smart Self-Sabotage: 5 Steps To Change Subconscious Beliefs

Are you tired of getting in your own way? Perhaps you agree that if you want to get to the gym by 6am, you can't stay glued to the TV till 1am. The...

Kim Ward, PhD
December 11 2013

25 Questions To Ask Yourself Before The End Of The Year

There's something magical about this time of year. The twinkling lights and gingerbread cookies. The merriment and good cheer spreading through the...

Ashley Wilhite
December 4 2013

Why The Poses You Avoid Are The Ones You Need Most

It's been said that yoga is the ultimate journey into the self. Practices like meditation, pranayama, and asana are simple mirrors into our...

Dani Marie Robinson
December 4 2013

13 Ways Successful People Improve Themselves

I was surprised when I realized that the same steps that I'd used to get into medical school are the same steps I'm now taking to improve my health....

Amy Shah, M.D.
November 26 2013

5 Ways To Rewire Your Brain For Meaningful Life Changes

Neuroscientists have discovered the strategy for rewiring the brain. Contrary to popular approaches, this strategy involves more than just positive...

Hilary Stokes, PhD, LCSW
November 26 2013

Mindfulness Tips To Make Your Life Feel Magical

Mindfulness and acting have a lot in common, apparently. What would that be? Both of them require that we cultivate and refine our ability to do...

Dr. Paula Watkins
November 22 2013

5 Life-Changing Ways To Start Your Day

This post is just the tip of the iceberg! For even more of Sheryl Paul's wisdom, be sure to check out her newest class, How To Have The Greatest...

Sheryl Paul, M.A.
November 21 2013

5 Tips To Make Sure You're Eating Mindfully This Holiday Season

It is certainly fall, and soon it will be winter. It's during the winter season that our bodies experience a movement toward groundedness. In many...

Ku’ulani Imira
November 19 2013

6 Tips To Make Your Detox Fun!

Many people cringe when they hear the word detox. It sounds scary to them, they think they are going to be deprived, hungry and irritable, but it...

Raquel Vasallo
October 19 2013

Are You Audacious Enough To Admit What You Want?

From the early days of our adolescence, we were taught to wait for what we wanted to come knocking on our door.

Liang Shi
October 17 2013

7 Cliches That Keep Women From Their True Power

I'm starting to notice a trend in the wonderful women I work with.

Sara Avant Stover
October 3 2013

How Visualization Can Change Your Life (Yes, Really!)

Have you heard this quote by Life Coach Tony Robbins? "Whatever you hold in your mind on a consistent basis is exactly what you will experience in...

Jillian Sanders
September 30 2013

​4 Questions To Ask Before Updating Your Facebook Status

Because they have the ability to reach so many people, our Facebook statuses can reveal how we feel about ourselves and the world. But what are the...

Rucha Tadwalkar
September 23 2013

How Yoga Has Made Me A Better Doctor & Healer

What could yoga possibly have to do with conventional, modern medicine—let alone my own professional practice of obstetrics, gynecology and women’s...

Dr. Suzanne Gilberg-Lenz
September 17 2013

Create A Dynamite Personal Yoga Practice In 10 Simple Steps

For years, I took for granted the convenience of walking to a yoga studio for my daily practice. Music humming in the background, mats freshly sprayed...

Leigh Stewart
September 17 2013