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10 Life Changing Tips Inspired By Gandhi

Here are ten of my favorite life changing tips inspired by one of the greatest leaders of the 20th century - Mohandas Gandhi.

Robert Piper
May 9 2012

Before & After Photos: Rich Roll's Plant-Based Diet

Don't think a plant-based diet can make an observable difference in your health and appearance? Check out my friend, Rich Roll!

Jason Wachob
April 10 2012

Insecurity Can Be Your Friend

The ability to allow yourself to be vulnerable correlates with your ability to be happy and successful.

Dana Claudat
March 7 2012

20 Inspiring Quotes to Keep Things in Perspective

Quotes have the power to echo the state of your being in only a few words.

Jen Nicomedes Stone
February 20 2012

6 Inspirational Yogis in Their 90s

Think you're too old to start yoga? Think again. Whether you practice yoga or not, you'll definitely be inspired by these six incredible yogis over...

Jason Wachob
December 16 2011

7 Inspirational Mark Twain Quotes

Seven inspirational quotes from Twain on life, education, and happiness.

Jason Wachob
November 30 2011

7 Awesome Gratitude Quotes

I think we'd all agree that expressing gratitude daily is something we can always improve upon. Here are seven of my favorite quotes on what many...

Jason Wachob
May 9 2011

83-Year-Old Yogi Teaches 11 Yoga Classes Week

The inspiring 83-year-old Australian yoga teacher.

Jason Wachob
May 1 2011

How I Found Yoga

Finding your personal connection to the practice.

Michelle Barge
April 22 2011

Peter Tunney's Inspirational Art

Tunney's art shares a beautiful message.

Jason Wachob
February 15 2011

Plant-Based Men: Why You Need to Start Right Now!

These vegan men explain why you should adopt a plant-based diet.

Jason Wachob
November 19 2010

Men and Yoga: What Inspired Yogis to Hit the Mat

Some of yoga's most respected men answering different questions about men and yoga.

Jason Wachob
October 11 2010

Friended by Jane Fonda

One woman's experience working with Jane Fonda.

Tara Stiles
July 21 2010

The 3 P's of Optimism

Whether we’re optimists or pessimists comes down to what he calls our "explanatory styles"—how we explain what’s happening in our world.

Brian Johnson
July 15 2010