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Sitting Is Killing You (Infographic)

You'll think twice about sitting down for a long period of time after seeing this eye-opening infographic entitled, 'Sitting Is Killing You' via...

May 12 2011

Yoga Vs. Pilates (Infographic)

Are you thinking about starting a yoga or Pilates practice? If you're not quite sure which practice is a better fit for your needs, here's an...

April 7 2011

Benefits of Yoga (Infographic)

We're probably preaching to the choir here, but it's always good to be reminded of the many health benefits of yoga -- especially when this...

March 8 2011

Brief History of Yoga (Infographic)

Check out this very detailed yoga family tree/flowchart/infographic from Alison Hinks, called 'An Overly Brief and Incomplete History of Yoga' -- what...

February 17 2011

How Much Do We Really Recycle? (Infographic)

This infographic shows how much Americans actually recycle.

November 15 2010

Story About the Power of Yoga (Infographic)

The powerful ways yoga can impact people.

November 11 2010

Meat-Eater, Vegetarian, Vegan: What's Cheaper?

Is it cheaper to be a meat-eater, pescetarian, vegetarian, or vegan?

October 25 2010

FarmVille vs. Real Farms (Image)

The difference between the game and reality.

October 4 2010

Why a Salad Costs More Than a Big Mac (Image)

So why does a salad cost more than a McDonald's Big Mac? Because of federal subsidies. This eye-opening image says it all. Meat and dairy account for...

September 22 2010

Inside Alice Waters' Kitchen (Image)

Alice Waters is an award-winning chef, organic food pioneer, and owner of Berkeley's famous Chez Panisse Restaurant. Ever wondered what's in her...

September 9 2010

Everything You Need to Know About Fast Food (Image)

Another day, another eye-opening food image. 'Everything You Need to Know About Fast Food' comes to us via mymodernmet and is filled with some amazing...

August 17 2010

What the Average American Consumes in a Year (Image)

If this isn't an eye-opening image, I don't know what is. This graphic from Visual Economics breaks down what the average American consumes in terms...

August 2 2010

10 Most Obese States of 2010

If you didn't think obesity posed a great health threat to America then perhaps this map will convince you.

July 19 2010