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Sleep-Deprivation Is ACTUALLY Ruining Your Life: Here's How To Fix It

From your skin to your job to your relationships, sleep affects everything. But these days, more of us are sleep-deprived than not. It's such a big...

Debbie Hampton
August 12 2015

I'm A Health Coach. Here's Why I Want You To Eat Dessert

Recently, I posted a photo of a dessert I had eaten while vacationing in Paris. Confession: I’m a weight-loss coach and personal trainer — and yes, I...

Brigitte Weil
August 12 2015

How To Respond Gracefully To People Who Want To "Push" Food On You

Almost every dieter who tries to lose weight is going to face food pushers at one time or another. Some food pushers can be easily put off by a “No,...

How To Stop Gaining "Happy Pounds" When You're In Love

When I had fallen in love in the past, a few months would pass and I would find myself 10 pounds heavier. It was as predictable for me as the infamous...

Londin Angel Winters
August 11 2015

3 Ways I Bounce Back After A Weekend Of Mindless Eating

We all work so hard to be well, healthy and confident. That tireless effort is a serious investment of blood sweat and tears — often times quite...

Mandy Levy
August 10 2015

5 Ways To Boost Your Metabolism (Without Really Trying)

We all know that eating and exercise habits are crucial in determining our weight and health, but there are many non-diet and gym-related changes we...

Susannah VanWinkle
August 7 2015

I Quit The Gym + Lost 16 Pounds In 8 Weeks

I joined the gym a little over a year ago. I had gained a few “happy pounds,” after two years of marriage and it was time to focus on my fitness...

Cristin Silliman
August 5 2015

7 Doctor-Approved Tips To Maintain Your Ideal Weight

Congratulations! You’ve reached your goal weight and are rocking a fantastic new body. Bask in the glory of this amazing accomplishment, but don’t hit...

Dr. Allana Polo
August 4 2015

10 Things I Did To Lose More Than 150 Pounds

It’s been almost a year and half since I lost 187 pounds and I love my new body! I feel lighter, I have more energy and the aches and pains are gone....

Farheen Khan
August 1 2015

5 Reasons To Add More Protein To Your Diet

One of the fastest ways to calm your hunger and sugar cravings is by eating protein. You probably know protein is great for keeping you satisfied, but...

JJ Virgin, CNS
July 21 2015

3 Tips To Lose Weight & Still Eat Well

In our busy, busy world, we rush from appointment to appointment, task to task, only stopping to eat in a rush. Eating like this can take a toll on...

Holly Yates
July 17 2015

The Secret To Aging Like A French Woman

Ever since I can remember, I’ve been fascinated by people who thrive later in life. Hearing about senior citizens running races, climbing mountains,...

Rebeca Plantier
July 14 2015

I Refused To Diet & Actually Lost 65 Pounds

Once I stopped saying the word “diet,” I lost weight. I don’t use the term diet, I don’t diet in general — and my life is wonderful. Believe it or...

Brigitte Weil
July 14 2015

3 Reasons Everyone Should Go On A Diet (Hear Me Out)

As a certified nutritionist and someone who has successfully maintained a whopping 125-pound weight loss for the last six years, I often tell people...

Naomi Teeter
July 10 2015

3 Ways To Stock Your Fridge So You'll Lose Weight

When we’re in a rush, it’s so easy to pick up fast food or take out. While convenient, these meals are often much higher in calories from fat and...

Chelsey Benzel
July 8 2015