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7 Habits That Helped Me Lose 40 Pounds

It’s been over five years since I decided to take responsibility for my health and change my lifestyle. As a result, I’ve lost 40 pounds of fat and...

Osha Key
September 12 2015

16 Ways Exercise Makes You Happier (Infographic)

It's widely accepted by medical professionals and health-conscious civilians that exercise has myriad benefits to mental, physical, and emotional...

Allison Daniels
September 11 2015

3 Reasons You Can't Get Motivated To Work Out (+ How To Fix It!)

If you want to change your behavior in ways that will stick, you must start by changing the beliefs that are holding you back.

Michelle Segar, PhD
September 11 2015

What I Tell People Who Have Tried Everything To Lose Weight

We all know the basics to losing weight — eat less junk, eat more real food, and move your body. So why is it so difficult to stick with healthy...

Annabelle Matson
September 9 2015

5 Tricks To Eat More Veggies

Put a dozen health experts in one room and we’ll agree about very little, but one thing I’m certain almost everyone concurs: We need to eat more...

JJ Virgin, CNS, BCHN
September 6 2015

11 Healthy Foods Nutritionists Stock In The Freezer

Sticking to a healthy meal plan can be as simple as stocking your kitchen with the right foods.

Gabrielle Frank
August 31 2015

3 Simple Steps To Get The Body You've Always Wanted

Good health is the number one reason I work out, but I also want to look like someone who is fit. As a health coach, personal trainer and...

Angela Shurina
August 28 2015

I Lost 170 Pounds After Ditching These 5 Beliefs

When I started my weight-loss journey, these five self-limiting beliefs tried to hold me back from my goals.

Kimanzi Constable
August 25 2015

I’m A Personal Trainer: Here’s How I Got In Shape For My Wedding Day

I’ve trained so many people who were preparing for their own weddings, and now it was my time to kick my own butt. Here’s how I did it.

Anja Garcia
August 22 2015

7 Sugar Rules I Follow Every Day

Sticking with a whole food, unprocessed diet is the easiest way to avoid sugar confusion. When you eat broccoli or quinoa, you don't need to worry...

JJ Virgin, CNS, BCHN
August 17 2015

What It's Like To Be A Bigger Girl At The Gym

Growing up, I was a competitive swimmer and received an athletic scholarship to Penn State University. After college, I worked as a TV news anchor and...

Kate Eckman
August 17 2015

Sleep-Deprivation Is ACTUALLY Ruining Your Life: Here's How To Fix It

From your skin to your job to your relationships, sleep affects everything. But these days, more of us are sleep-deprived than not. It's such a big...

Debbie Hampton
August 12 2015

I'm A Health Coach. Here's Why I Want You To Eat Dessert

Confession: I’m a weight-loss coach and personal trainer — and yes, I still enjoy eating sweets.

Brigitte Weil
August 12 2015

7 Doctor-Approved Tips To Maintain Your Ideal Weight

Congratulations! You’ve reached your goal weight and are rocking a fantastic new body. Bask in the glory of this amazing accomplishment, but don’t hit...

Dr. Allana Polo
August 4 2015

10 Things I Did To Lose More Than 150 Pounds

No matter how old you are or what your ability is, you have the power to turn your life around just like I did.

Farheen Khan
August 1 2015

5 Reasons To Add More Protein To Your Diet

One of the fastest ways to calm your hunger and sugar cravings is by eating protein. You probably know protein is great for keeping you satisfied, but...

JJ Virgin, CNS, BCHN
July 21 2015

3 Tips To Lose Weight & Still Eat Well

In our busy, busy world, we rush from appointment to appointment, task to task, only stopping to eat in a rush. Eating like this can take a toll on...

Holly Yates
July 17 2015