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4 DIY Household Cleaners Made With Ingredients You Already Have

Let's face it — life's messy. Getting your space spick-and-span can be tricky, especially when you're strapped for time and money. But have no fear;...

Emma Loewe
September 24 2015

17 Insanely Easy Ways To Make Your Life A Little Greener

Most of us can agree that the planet could use a little love, but it's nearly impossible to find an approachable guide to sustainable living.

Emma Loewe
July 15 2015

5 Feng Shui Habits To Help You Find More Flow In Your Life

Days when you're “in the zone” are spectacular, right? It’s almost like you’ve become a channel for ideas and solutions as things fall into place in...

Dana Claudat
July 6 2015

10 Things I Wish Everyone Knew About Mold

Toxic mold doesn’t get much time in the spotlight, but it’s a big deal.

Dave Asprey
June 29 2015

6 Feng Shui Tips To Bring Purpose, Intention & Clarity Into Your Home

With schedules loosening and the sun eager to linger in the spotlight, the opportunity to try shui is ripe. But like any good thing, the energy gets...

Amanda Gibby Peters
June 17 2015

11 Ideas To Save Money, Your Health + The Environment

There's an inextricable link between your health and that of the environment. But what if I also told you that you didn't have to spend a ton of money...

Lisa Beres
June 16 2015

10 Simple Ways To Stop Making So Much Trash

Trash is the worst! Recycling is better, but reducing waste is the best. And it’s crucial for the future of our children and the planet.

Andrea Randall
June 15 2015

6 Tips To Make Your Home Into A Stress-Free Sanctuary

Some of us get home from work or school, and find ourselves feeling the immediate need to turn on the computer or television to decompress from the...

Allison Carmen
June 14 2015

26 Tricks To Detox Your Home & Body

You don't need to be a rocket scientist to understand that the better we care for our body, the better we look and feel. One way to treat yourself...

10 Steps To Protect Your Pets (And Your Home!) From Toxins

Let’s face it: despite hairballs, litter, shedding and all, we adore our furry family members.

Lisa Beres
May 26 2015

5 Herbs You Can Grow Right In Your Kitchen

Growing your own herbs is a great way to provide fresh ingredients and add flavor to almost everything you cook. Plus herbs are relatively easy to...

5 Powerful Feng Shui Tips To Energize Your Workspace

The office is generally where money is made, so it’s clearly important. Plus, if you're working an eight-hour workday, well, that's a third of your...

Katie Rogers
May 21 2015

Ditch The Toxic Household Cleaners! Try These 5 Essential Oils Instead

Spring is in full bloom, but if you're a little behind on your seasonal cleaning, now is as good a time as ever to throw open those windows and give...

Ashley Griffith
May 16 2015

6 Tricks That Get You To Buy "Green" Products

According to the independent watchdog organization, the Greenwashing Index (in partnership with the University of Oregon), "greenwashing" occurs when...

Lisa Beres
May 9 2015

5 Feng Shui Ways To Create More Comfort In Your Life Through Color

The shui world is a blend of five elements: water, wood, fire, earth and metal. Turns out, we are also a compilation of these five elements.

Amanda Gibby Peters
May 1 2015

What The Labels On Your "Green" Products Really Mean

You’re certainly not dumb, but some manufacturers would like to think (or hope) so. With Earth Day today, many brands will be displaying their...

Lisa Beres
April 22 2015

7 Ideas To Create A Toxin-Free Nursery For Your Baby

Bringing home a new baby is a beautiful and emotional experience for every new parent. Keeping the baby healthy and safe is your highest priority, but...

Naomi Alon
April 8 2015

DIY: 3 Nontoxic Cleaning Products

These cleaners are wonderful and effective environmentally-friendly alternatives to strong-smelling chemicals. The essential oils leave a fresh, clean...

Pip Waller
April 6 2015

10 Lies You've Been Told About Green Products

Ignorance can be bliss, except when it pertains to your health. If you’re paying your hard-earned dollars on products intended to improve your quality...

Lisa Beres
April 4 2015